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Why Should We Tell Others About Jesus?

When we are Christians, we usually listen to many sermons encouraging us to get involved in the mission and share our faith. Most times we leave church services excited, willing to carry out our missionary work; but something happens. We pass up the oportunity to tell people about the Lord. We think that they have already heard of Jesus by some other means or that we are not telling this individual because s/he will not believe us. Thus we are silenced by the barrier of self-justifications that prevent us from joining the mission.

Now I want to ask you: Why did you believe in Jesus? Many people have had a supernatural experience with God, which has led them to the faith. But this is not the case with most of them; they believe because someone had the courage to tell them about Jesus. That is my case. Nowadays I am a Christian because many people told me about Jesus; and it was not a one-week thing, it took years. Since I was a little child I would attend Vacation Bible Schools. My classmates would invite me to worship services. On the streets I was given tracts. I would see some of my friends getting involved in church activities. And I would even learn many Bible stories.

Despite all that, I lived my first twenty years as someone who did not know Jesus. Aparently, I was happy. I was successful in my studies. And I was a good daughter to my parents. But one day, the Holy Spirit made me feel that I had to go to church, that my life could not keep being the same. So I remembered all those previous times in which He was reminding me that He was waiting for me.

This is not the story of a great testimony. God also uses simple things to make you know how much He loves you and wishes your salvation.

Such is the case with Ruth, a Moabitess who adopted the faith of the Israelite people, not because of miracles or her mother-in-law's prosperity; but because she had been told about the marvels of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

So, why should we tell others about Jesus? Because had someone not done it with you, your life would not have changed nor would you be part of God's plan of salvation. Just as you believed, others may also believe. You do not need great theological concepts, just simple words.

Remember that the same Spirit that convicted a crowd of three thousand people by the speech of an uneducated fisherman is the One who supports you and the One who today keeps convicting you "of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment."

Be encouraged to open your mouth and say who Jesus is for you! Do not get disappointed if you do not see results quickly because "...One sows and another reaps." (Jn. 4:37)


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