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"Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations"

Our mission is to make the most effective and efficient use of everyone's time, talents, and resources around the globe in spreading the Gospel. We want to make it easy, fun, and exciting for anyone, anywhere to get involved in the Great Commission.

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How Does it Work?

Click on an item to discover the many ways YOU can get involved in missions!

Easily find and host a mission trip. Booked a hotel? It's that easy.
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Jaxson wants to go on a mission trip but doesn't want to browse through endless websites trying to find a trip that fits his time, finances, or interests. He logs onto Go Mission's Mission Trip finder to easily find and book a mission trip all in one place. Go Mission's send him all the information he needs.

Andrew is planning a mission trip for his organization. He uses Go Missions platform to host the trip. All he has to do is submit the trip information and Go Missions does the rest. His trip will show up on our mission trip finder, calendar of events, and media. 100% of the payment processing goes directly to Andrew to cover all trip expenses for registered travelers.

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Find resources for all aspects of ministry and missions or submit resources
to make it easier for others.
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Nicole wants to host a small group at her house but doesn't know where to start. She visits Go Mission's Resources page to view tips, handouts, and tutorials on tried and true methods.

Robert has been hosting small groups for years at his house. He's made the mistakes you don't want to make. He offers to share his suggestions on Go Mission's Resources page to make it easier for others to start a small group.

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Read and watch mission stories from around the world on varying topics. You can also submit your own media to share with a worldwide audience.
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Candice loves mission stories, specifically in a certain region. She visits Go Missions and starts following missionaries from that region that soon become favorites of hers.

Adam wants to share the exciting stories from the amazing ways God is blessing him. He submits these stories to Go Missions who shares it on their media channels and soon Adam has followers looking forward to his next update!

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List and find mission-based organizations, outposts, schools, clinics, and more!
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Jill is interested in finding out about ministries and mission opportunities in a specific field in a certain area. She simply uses the map or filter options to find results she's looking for and can contact them and get more involved in her area of mission work.

Yamil runs a ministry that he wants more exposure for. He partners with Go Missions for free to get his ministry listed and has opportunities to share his amazing stories to a wider audience through our newsletter and media outlets.

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Offer your time and talents to ministries and individuals in need.
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Emily wants to put her skills to use advancing the Gospel, but she just doesn't have the time or resources for a long-term commitment. However, she decides she can donate 8 hours a week to provide ministries with graphic design needs.

Alex is running a ministry on minimal resources. He needs help but can't afford to pay for graphic design services. He posts his needs on Go Mission's Time & Talent board to connect with someone that's willing to donate their resources to ministries in need.

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Disclaimer: Go Missions, Inc. is a faith-based Christian ministry that fully supports the spiritual mission of the Seventh-day Adventist® Church, but is an independent supporting ministry that is not part of, controlled by, legally affiliated with, or endorsed by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists® headquartered in Silver Spring, Maryland or any of its affiliates known as the Seventh-day Adventist® Church.  Thus, any content or opinions expressed, implied or included in or with the services offered by Go Missions, Inc. are solely those of Go Missons, Inc. and not those of the General Conference or the Seventh-day Adventist® Church. We do not solicit or knowingly accept tithe funds from Seventh-day Adventist members, just willing offerings.

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