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Missing Husband Returns after Three Years in Answer to Prayer

Three years ago, Ramani's husband went on a pilgrimage to a temple 300 miles away while Ramani stayed home to care for the house. He never returned. One day, when Charlet, a JFA Bible Worker, was doing ministry, she met Ramani and asked if she had any prayer requests. Ramani asked Charlet to pray for her husband to return. Charlet prayed fervently for Ramani over the next few days.

Two weeks later, in the middle of the night, Charlet got a phone call. It was Ramani; her husband had come back! Ramani was so grateful to Charlet for her prayers. The following day, Charlet and her husband saw the reunited couple themselves. They were so happy. Charlet and her husband prayed with them and shared more about Jesus. They promised to come to church. 

What a fantastic miracle! Many would have seen this situation as hopeless, but Charlet prayed with Ramani in faith, and God answered their prayers. Please pray for Ramani and her husband to grow in faith and accept Jesus as their personal Savior.

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-Contributed by Jesus for Asia


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