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Donate to Go Missions or one of our sponsored projects.
We do not accept donations for ministries listed on our website. Please donate directly with them.

Go Missions
General Fund

Our goal is to make getting involved in outreach and missions easy, exciting, and fun. We also seek to use media and digital channels to engage and inspire through original content creation. Additionally, we utilize AI automations to gather information across the web for our content curation. This all requires equipment, office and studio space, and funds to keep running as well as many man-hours. If you have been blessed by what we're able to provide and want to help us not only keep running but also invest in our future projects, you can donate to our "General Fund".


Cuba is near to our hearts and is the first project we have directly taken on at Go Missions. To see a full listing of the projects we have going on in Cuba and to donate to them, click below.

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