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Rajan Finds Truth, Encounters Danger: Part 2

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

“Come out immediately!” the Hindu politician yelled. “How can you pray here? You’re not supposed to do this! Wait and see what I am going to do!”

Rajan* is a Bible Worker in India. He grew up as a devout Hindu but discovered the Truth of the Bible after his father passed away. Now, he and several other Bible Workers have formed a team to share that Truth with people in new locations. (You can read part one of the story here).

A woman facing challenging circumstances invited the Bible Workers to come and pray at her home. This is where they found themselves when a group of angry Hindus, including a local politician, came after them.

When the Bible Workers went outside, the politician and the gathering crowd scolded and threatened them. They tried to force them to sign a paper saying they would never return to the village.

God gave Rajan and his teammates the strength to be firm for Him. “These people invited us, and we prayed. You can do whatever you want. We will pray,” they said.

“You never came only for this house,” the politician replied. “We know you have met many people along the way and asked if you can pray for them. I have visited all these people, and they have witnessed against you. I have all the proof that you are going and visiting people. You are working against Hinduism. Wait and see what I am going to do now.”

“We are not coming here to teach these people bad things,” Rajan said with God-given courage. “We are coming and teaching them not to drink, to have a good lifestyle. We are even here to pray for you because Jesus is the only God. I will pray for you."

“Are we Hindus going out and changing people’s religion?” the politician said. “But you Christians are doing this. We don’t like to see this happening here.” The politician called the police superintendent and told him to take action against the Bible Workers.

Rajan, who also knew the police superintendent, decided to call him, but the official told him not to cause trouble. Rajan realized that the police would not defend them when they came.Rajan and the other Bible Workers went to the next house to pray, and the angry mob followed them, shouting and threatening them. When the police came, they calmly asked the Bible Workers to leave.

Rajan explained why they had come to the village and said, “Do whatever you want; we know our God is on our side. If the people we meet complain about us, we will accept it, but not what these leaders tell us." Again, the police asked them to leave. So the Bible Workers went from there to the next village, preaching about Jesus Christ there until the villagers calmed down.

Before this incident, only a few people knew who the Bible Workers were, but afterward, many more learned that Rajan and his friends were preaching about Jesus. This incident, which Satan meant to drive them away, opened more doors for them to share the Gospel in the village.

One day, Rajan and his teammates were visiting people when, unbeknownst to them, another politician spotted them and called the police. The Bible Workers prayed and visited people all day. As they walked through the village that evening, a lady called out.

“You’re still doing this?” she said. “You are still praying? The police didn’t catch you?

They were coming just behind you to arrest you!” Rajan and his teammates thanked the Lord that God hid them from the eyes of the police and the political leaders.

Rajan and his team gather for a day of fasting and prayer every week. During these days, they pray especially for new souls. One day, they had their fasting and prayer in the village where they had had so much trouble.

One of the female Bible Workers went to another house to pray when a group of angry villagers surrounded her.

“Why are you here?” they questioned. “We told you not to come here!” The Bible Workers did not know how, but God rescued her. The angry mob was planning to harm her, but God delivered her from their hands. She returned to the house where the Bible Workers were staying, and they all left the village safely that day.

Rajan shared that this village is the most difficult among the places they visit. This is where Satan brought so many obstacles and opposition. But amazingly, this was the only village (so far) where they have been able to start a prayer group. Rajan praises God for what He is doing in this village.

“When we first started the prayer group in the village, 33 people attended. We were amazed to see this because we faced so many obstacles, but God gave this village as a witness for our ministry.”

Rajan was once a strong Hindu, but his entire life changed once he discovered the Truth of Jesus. God helped him and his fellow Bible Workers stand for that Truth, no matter the risk. We praise God for how He is working in this village, and we invite you to pray, as Rajan and his team have prayed, for the salvation of the politician and the mob who went after them.

Please also pray for more Bible Workers with such dedication and courage to be sent to the more than one billion in India who have not heard the Gospel.

If God is leading you to support the ministries of Bible Workers like Rajan, please click the button below.

*Name has been changed.

- Contributed by Jesus for Asia


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