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Rajan Finds Truth, Encounters Danger: Part 1

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Rajan* was preparing to become a Hindu priest when his father died. His father was a devout Hindu who made yearly pilgrimages to far-off temples. He had encouraged Rajan to become a priest, and he agreed. He completed many of the requirements, including going on a 48-mile pilgrimage with bare feet.

He was happy in his Hindu life, but everything changed when his father became sick. He and his family tried many remedies and performed many rituals. Rajan went to many temples and even to a Catholic priest, but nothing helped.

After Rajan’s father passed away, their family faced many challenges. His mother became depressed, and Rajan had to quit his studies to care for his mother and three siblings.

“I told my mother not to cry, but I was crying too,” Rajan said. They tried to do whatever they could to get through the situation.

During that time, Rajan’s uncle, a Seventh-Day Adventist, saw their struggle and gifted them a Bible telling them it would bring them peace. Rajan accepted the gift but put it in a box and did not read it for over a year.

By then, Rajan’s family situation had grown worse. He remembered the Bible and his uncle’s words and thought, “Why don’t I study this Bible.”

Rajan started reading the Bible whenever he had the opportunity. He had many doubts and questions, but he grew hungry for Truth. Rajan asked the pastor at his uncle’s church whatever he wanted to know. Then at home, he prayed and asked God to reveal the answers to him from the Bible to see if what the pastor said was true.

He wanted to make sure that by following Jesus, he was choosing the right path. “I used to fight with the Lord for answers, and God revealed them to me,” he said.

His mother used to argue with him whenever she caught him studying. “Are you going mad?” she often asked him. But he did not stop. God was revealing the Truth to him. He was giving the peace that he had been missing.

In answer to prayer, God opened his mother’s heart, and eventually, his whole family was baptized and joined the SDA church.

Rajan and his uncle began praying for more people to join. They went to their church and prayed for God to fill every empty chair. They visited people who weren’t coming to church and prayed with them. God answered their prayers, and the church became filled with people again.

Now, Rajan and his uncle are JFA Bible Workers. They partner with two ladies, sharing the Gospel in new villages. They visit people, helping and praying with them. Rajan especially likes to go out on Sabbath because that is how he can share the Sabbath truth practically with the people and share God’s love.

In one village, Rajan and his team visited a woman whose husband had left her and whose daughter was deaf. She invited them into her house to pray. While inside, one of the Bible Workers noticed a man dressed in traditional white clothing (often worn by politicians) standing by the door. Rajan thought the man was trying to visit the homeowner and encouraged her to go and see.

When the woman opened the door, she saw other men behind the first, and they did not look happy. The man called out to the Bible Workers who were still inside. “Come out immediately,” he said. “How can you pray here? You’re not supposed to do this! Wait and see what I am going to do...”

Come back next week for part two!

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*name has been changed.

- Contributed by Jesus for Asia


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