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No Hands, No Problem

Meet Manjit!

Manjit (wearing the orange shirt) is a JFA Bible Worker in the mountainous state of Sikkim, India. You may notice that he has no hands. 

While some might consider such a disability to disqualify someone from mission work, Manjit has not let his limitations stop him from serving God. 

He can eat independently, turn the pages of his Bible, and communicate with others using a cell phone. 

Nestled between Nepal and Bhutan, Sikkim is home to the world’s third-tallest mountain. The majority of Sikkim’s 700,000 residents are Hindu, although it has a large Buddhist minority of 30%.

The Northern India Union Special Ministries Director, Pr. Tamsang, visited JFA workers in Sikkim and shared a report on their work. “Though he may be handicapped,” Tamsang said of Manjit, “He has a fire in his heart.”

Manjit serves as a Bible Worker with his sister Usha. A big part of their ministry is to share Jesus through medical missionary work. 

Testimonies from Manjit's Ministry

From Left to right: Pr. Tamsang, Usha, Normaya, Manjit

Manjit and Usha have been visiting Normaya for eight months. Normaya is an orthodox Buddhist. She has been partially paralyzed for years, and she has struggled to get around even with the help of a cane. Manjit and Usha told her about Jesus and gave her massage and hydrotherapy treatments. Today, she can walk slowly and eat independently. Pr. Tamsang shared that “she is thankful and believes in Jesus as a healer.” 


Reema was sick for three months. She did many rituals so her gods would heal her, but nothing helped. One day, Manjit and Usha visited Reema’s home. They prayed for her and told her that Jesus could heal her if she believed. Manjit and Usha continued coming to her house, and within a month, Reema was well. Now, Reema’s faith is growing, and she prays to Jesus. Manjit and Usha continue to encourage her and her family’s faith. 


Radhika was a very devout Buddhist. She was so happy when Manjit and Usha visited her, but she told them she didn’t like Christianity. Radhika was having digestive problems and a toothache. Manjit and Usha told her about natural remedies like charcoal and gave her a booklet. As they shared, Manjit prayed for Radhika to listen to their message.

When Manjit and Usha gave Radhika charcoal to take, they first prayed for her.“Is it necessary to pray when we eat?” Radhika asked. “Yes,” Manjit answered. “Because no plant has its own power. God has given power over every plant, so it’s good to praise God before we eat or take [natural remedies].”From that day forward, Radhika started praying whenever she ate. She shared that when she did, she found peace and happiness. God had answered Manjit’s prayer.


As followers of Jesus, we easily fall into the trap of believing we have nothing to offer God. We compare ourselves to others, think about our faults, and make excuses. Manjit’s experience is inspiring because it shows that our circumstances and abilities do not have to define us. Manjit has faced challenges most of us will never face, and God is using him. He can use you, too. Please pray for Manjit, Usha, and our other Bible Workers in Sikkim. Pray that God will bless them with many open doors, divine appointments, and fruitful ministries.Your generous gifts help enable Bible Workers like Manjit to work full-time for God. If God inspires you to support their ongoing ministries, click the button below to give a one-time or monthly donation. 

-Contributed by Jesus for Asia


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