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Late Night Rescue

Late one night, Kalidas, a JFA Bible Worker, was getting ready for bed when he heard a strange noise outside his home. He grabbed a flashlight and ran outside to see what was going on. 

“Help me!” he heard someone cry. Kalidas started to shout and wake up all the villagers. He and others ran toward the sound. Soon, they found a young girl in distress, all alone. Three men had kidnapped and planned to harm her, but they ran off when they heard the villagers coming after them. 

Kalidas and the other villagers took the girl to the police station, where they contacted her parents, who were worried sick about her. They thanked Kalidas for saving their daughter, but he redirected their gratitude. 

“It’s God who rescued your daughter,” he told them. Kalidas finally returned home by two a.m. and went to bed. The following day, the parents came to his house to thank him again. Again, Kalidas redirected them.

“It’s God who saved her life,” he said. Now, God has opened the door for Kalidas to share Jesus with the girl’s family. He requests prayers for his mission to help rescue people from eternal death. 

Praise God for how He used this Bible Worker to save a girl’s life and introduce her family to Jesus. Our Bible Workers do not always have such exciting stories, but their work to share Jesus is just as valuable no matter the excitement level. Please continue to keep all our Bible Workers in your prayers. The enemy wants to discourage them from trusting and following God, but we know Jesus is stronger. 

If God is leading you to support the ongoing ministries of Bible Workers like Kalidas, please click the button below. 

-Contributed by Jesus for Asia


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