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Cuba: Most Needed

While we have several specific projects, if you'd like to give to the general Cuba fund, your donation will go to where the need is most. If you would like to donate to this cause, select the "Cuba, Most Needed" fund.

Watch here to see some of the projects in Cuba!

Care Package: $6

By sponsoring a care package, you're  equipping individuals in need with vital over-the-counter medications, essential personal hygiene items, and uplifting spiritual literature. Your contribution ensures that care and compassion reach those who need it most.

Bible Workers: $25/month

Sponsoring a Bible worker in Cuba is $25/month. This helps cover their monthly living expenses and allows them dedicate their time and energy in spreading the Gospel. If you would like to donate to this cause, select the "Cuba, Bible Workers" fund.

Watch here to see some of the pastors and Bible workers in action!

Church Building Supplies: $25-$650

Help furnish individual supplies for churches:

Church lighting: $350 | Windows: $70 (8 needed per church/$560)

Pulpit: $80 | Double front door: $130

Rear door $70 | Benches: $70 each

Paint 1/gallon: $25 | Cement bags $14 (80 needed per church/$1,120)

Labor to mud inside and front of church facade: $650

If you would like to donate to these supplies, select the "Cuba, Building Supplies" fund and in the Memo item which item(s) you would like to sponsor. 

100 pounds of beans/rice: $200/$100

Food in Cuba is still rationed and can be difficult to come by, especially by those in need. With your gift, you can help provide essential food items to those that need it most.

If you would like to donate to these supplies, select the "Cuba, Food" fund and in the Memo item which item(s) you would like to sponsor.

Bicycle: $190

Oftentimes, pastors and Bible workers have to cover great distances by foot in order to reach their churches and visit members and those in their communities. A bicycle greatly increases the distances and reduces the time it takes for them to do their work. Your gift will help the work in Cuba reach futher and be more effecient. If you would like to purchase additional tires for bicycles, they are $12/each.

E-bike used: $1,600/new $2,400

Similarly to bicycles but even moreso, e-bikes reduce the time and effort it takes for pastors and Bible workers travel.

E-trike used: $3,300/new $4,000

These electric vehicles allow up to 5 people to travel quickly and easily as well as carry small cargo loads. 

Simple pole church w/roof: $1,000

These structures are easy to setup and although simple, help provide a sturdy, sheltered location where people can come together and worship. 

Home Church: $5,000

The average cost in Cuba to purchase a home to convert into a church is $5,000. It is much easier and cheaper to start new churches this way and enter new areas by utilizing pre-existing structures.

Watch here to see how the home churches are being put to use!

New block church w/roof: $7,000

While purchasing a home to convert into a church is often cheaper and easier, property location and/or availability doesn't always make this a feasible option. Funds for a complete, new church provide all materials, both locally and shipped in, to be built and finished. These structures are completely walled and roofed and provide optimal settings for worship and fellowship.

Bible training center: $10,000

By contributing to a Bible training center, you're providing accommodations and classroom space essential for training Bible workers and pastors in the region. Your gift helps equip future church leaders with the knowledge they need to grow and serve.


Holguin is the capital of the Holguin province in eastern Cuba. The church and conference leadership here have a passion for evangelism and youth and are putting all their efforts into reaching their region for Christ. Donating to this region will help ensure that work continues on.


Cacocum is a small town located in eastern Cuba within the Holguin conference. The church here is also heavily involved in local evangelism and youth outreach and seeks donations to help keep up with the needs of their extensive labors.

Santa Clara/Villa Perla Mission

Santa Clara is in central Cuba and is the capital of the Villa Clara province. The church here is also the center of the newly-formed Villa Perla conference. Pastor Eduardo Lorenzo leads out the work here and is passionate about reaching the city and surrounding communities. They are in need of ongoing supplies to support their mission.

Watch here to see the work in the Villa Perla Mission!

Rebecca's Home


See Rebecca's Video

Rebecca is the conference assistant for the Villa Perla Mission. She does all cooking and hosting for conference visitors. In the summer of 2022 a strong storm completely destroyed the small home where she was living. Due to her circumstances, she was unable to move anywhere else and continued living there despite the horrid conditions. Pr. Eduardo Lorenzo, president of the mission has asked us to help this sweet lady to rebuild her home. The total price will be $1,000. If you would like to support this project, select the "Cuba, Rebecca" fund.

UPDATE: Due to unforeseen circumstances, they are in need of an additional $500.


Pastor Yosvani/Carmita


Pastor Yosvani is the pastor of the Carmita church. Recently, after celebrating a high Sabbath with two youth baptisms, Yosvani's house burned down due to his electric scooter being charged inside the house. Luckily, he nor his wife or newborn baby were injured in the fire. Howeverm they lost all of their possesions and have nothing. If you would like to help them rebuid, you can donate to the "Cuba, Pastor Yosvani" fund.

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