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Who Is the Living God?

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

If Sunita’s* life were a play, it would be a tragedy, at least by the world’s standards. Her husband was addicted to alcohol and spent most of his money on it. She had worked a low-paying job for years to scrape up a meager living for herself and her children.

One of her two sons died in an accident, and the other contracted a disease that left him bedridden. Her daughter completed her college education but was unable to find a job.

After all of this suffering, Sunita became depressed. She was ready to give up on life. Then one day, while watching TV, she found our India TV Ministry’s program. Something in the program sparked hope in her heart. She decided to call the TV Ministry’s Prayer Team, but no one answered. Later, she called again; still no answer. Every time she called, the Prayer Team members were busy or unavailable (They conduct as many as 180 Bible studies weekly over the phone). Each time, the despair, which had grown lighter after watching the program, weighed heavier and heavier.

One day, she decided to call one more time. “If they don’t answer, I will end my life,” she thought.

She picked up her phone and dialed the number one more time. Riiing Riiing. Riiing. Finally, a woman answered.

“Sthothiram!” (Pronounced: Stow-ti-rahm) The woman answered lovingly.

“What is Sthothiram?” Sunita asked.

“It means we praise God for connecting you with us.”

“Why are you praising God? I’m just calling you.”

“We are praising God because you are going to be led in a way you have never seen before. You have never experienced the blessed way, a way which leads to eternity, a way which will give you strength, a way which will change your life.”

Sunita was thrilled to hear these words, and she started to cry.

“I wanted to die today. If you had not answered my call, I would have been dead by now. That is what I was thinking. But I am so thankful that you answered my phone call.” She then explained all her family’s problems. “I don’t know how to lead this family,” she said.

The Prayer Team member encouraged her, “Tell all your problems to the Living God.”

She asked them, “Who is the Living God?”

“Jesus Christ.” She was so happy when the Prayer Team member explained who Jesus was, what He did, and what He is doing now. She thanked the Prayer Team member and started to receive Bible studies.

By the grace of God, Sunita’s daughter got a job, but one day, she got a severe headache in the back of her head. The pain was so strong that she could not continue her work.

“I cannot bear this pain; it’s really terrible,” she told her mother.

The mother and daughter started praying together. Then Sunita suggested they call the India TV Ministry Prayer Team.

As they were praying, God did a miracle. The headache vanished.

“I don’t have a headache anymore!” The daughter exclaimed. She and her mother jumped for joy.

This was the first time they experienced a miracle from Jesus, and they grew closer to Him. The daughter has expressed a desire to be baptized and said she wants to marry a Seventh-Day Adventist man someday.

Before watching our India TV Ministry’s program and talking to the Prayer Team member, Sunita had no idea who Jesus was. We say Jesus is coming soon, yet billions like her have never heard of Jesus. The Bible very clearly says this Word needs to be taught to all people and all nations before the end will come (Matthew 24:14).

We are thankful to God for starting ministries like this that are serving the unreached. God has used this TV ministry to touch the lives of many people. Still, He has given us each a role to play in making disciples of all nations.

Will you join us in praying for the India TV Ministry and for God to show us how to help spread the Gospel with those who have not heard?

If this testimony touched you and God is leading you to invest in the ongoing outreach of this life-changing TV Ministry, please click the button below.


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