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What's Happening at the Manipur School During the War?

In light of the ongoing conflict in Manipur, you may wonder how things are going at the Manipur School.

The Manipur School is located in a valley several hours from where the conflict started. So far, fighting has not reached the school, and classes are ongoing. The school has had a large influx of students, with more than 280 children studying there this school year.

We want to share one major prayer request. Previously, 25 students from the Kuki tribe, the ones most at risk in the conflict, left the school to stay in the jungle with their parents for safety. Tribal leaders want everyone in their tribe to know how to fight for their tribe, so the students (ages 10-14) are being trained in how to use guns and other weapons.

Please join us in praying for these children to remain faithful during this time and be a witness to everyone in this training.

The children who are still at the school have been understandably scared about the conflict, but the staff have been able to encourage them to trust in God during morning and evening worships and Sabbath services. Pasang Tamang, the school’s director, shared that “now the children find it safer on campus than outside. It’s God working in our children’s hearts.”

God has also been at work to take care of the students’ and teachers’ physical needs. Since May, getting food for the school has become increasingly difficult. By the grace of God, He is providing the funds for the food and teachers’ salaries for the next few months, as well as for a fence to protect the school property and those within it. Please pray for God to make a way for the money to reach Manipur quickly.

If God is leading you to support the Manipur School project financially, please click the button below.

-Contributed by Jesus for Asia


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