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Ukraine Celebrates Baptisms in Kyiv, Donetsk, Lviv, and Odesa

Despite ongoing conflicts, the Church in Ukraine continues to lead individuals to Jesus.

In Berezanka, Mykolaiv, Ukraine, Pastor Mykhailo Vorobanych held Gospel meetings from July 15–22, 2023, which ended with the baptism of five people in the waters of the estuary in Koblevo.

On July 22, a solemn baptism service was held in Hogoliv, Kyiv. Three women joined the family of God, studying Bible lessons and opening their hearts to the Lord.

In Kalyta, Kyiv, four people made a covenant with God.

A special joy was the baptism of 14 people in Pokrovsk, Donetsk, which took place on July 22. Here, people from Sloviansk, Pokrovsk, Kramatorsk, and Myrnohrad made a covenant with God. All of them diligently studied Bible lessons and prepared for baptism.

From July 17–27, a Gospel program was held at a recreation center in Barvinok, Lviv, with the participation of speaker Michael Demian, who came home from America. About 80 people attended these Gospel meetings.

The listeners of the program found hope, which was born from hearing the Word of God. The singing of Mykhailo Ivashchenko, David Meles, Mykola Stankevych, and Oksana Krechko also touched hearts and opened them to Jesus. Fourteen people decided to make a covenant with God, which they did on Sabbath, July 22, by being baptized in the lake.

This solemn service was highlighted by an inspiring performance of music by a brass band from Dubno and Pryvitne.

At the end of the Gospel program, when the call for baptism was issued again, six more people expressed a desire to make a covenant with God in the future. However, one woman decided not to postpone this decision to later and was baptized on the last day of the program.

In Chernivtsi, a youth retreat called RestCamp was held at the Adventist youth camp from July 23–30. On July 29, six boys and three girls made a covenant with God.

The original version of this story was posted on the Ukrainian Union Conference Ukrainian-language news site.


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