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The Source of Peace

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

A Bible Worker Story

After the death of her father, Laxmi and her mother struggled to find peace. Since they came from a non-Christian family, local occultists came to their home to perform traditional sacrifices and rituals for the care of the family. They demanded donations to perform the sacrifices. While the rituals were supposed to help Laxmi and her mother, they still had no peace. The scene of her father’s death constantly played in her mother’s mind, and she became seriously depressed. Their family was shattered.

Charles is a JFA Bible Worker. He and some others heard about Laxmi and her mother’s situation from one of his relatives, and they decided to visit them. When they first approached Laxmi’s home, she was scared and hid herself from them. Charles and the others explained who they were and why they had come. Charles asked if they could pray for her and her mother. Laxmi said yes, and the small group prayed a special prayer for them.

A few days later, Charles returned to pray again, and he continued to do so two-to-three times per week. Since Charles started visiting Laxmi’s house, her mother’s health has greatly improved. Laxmi has started to have confidence again, and she remains calm and peaceful when Charles comes to visit.

Charles and the others continue to pray for Laxmi and her mother and share Bible stories with them. They are learning that Jesus is the only source of life and peace and that He loves them. Please join us in praying for Laxmi and her mother to accept Jesus and for God to guide them.


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