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Taxi Driver Brings People to Christ With Radio Nuevo Tiempo

With the "Mobilizing Hope" project, Leyder Jimenez tunes the radio in his taxi and speaks about the love of God to his passengers during the trip.

Leyder Tello Jiménez is a family man who is dedicated to the taxi service in the city of Trujillo, in northern Peru. His work on the city's routes began twelve years ago.

A few months ago, Leyder joined “Mobilizing Hope,” an initiative of the Nuevo Tiempo Bible School in Trujillo, where around 60 taxi drivers joined the plan to share the Radio Nuevo Tiempo signal in their vehicles while transporting passengers.

“One day a lady named María came up with her daughter. A praise was playing about couples and, when I realized it, the lady was crying hugging her daughter,” says Leyder. At first he did not understand what was happening and, when he asked, the woman told him that that music had made her think about the problem she was going through with her husband and that she did not know how to solve it.

“I felt bad at first, but she asked me to continue listening to the radio because she was understanding that I could find peace,” she remembers. Upon arriving at the destination, María asked him to turn off the car engine because she wanted to talk to him, that was his opportunity to talk to her about Christ.

After listening to her, Leyder opened the Bible and read the passage of Isaiah 41:10, encouraging her and explaining that Christ was at her side. At the end of the short message, he invited her to visit the Adventist Church to learn more. Two weeks later, Mary entered the Adventist Church.

Her visits became frequent and she began Bible courses to deepen her knowledge. Months later, María was baptized and today attends the “Las Quintanas” Adventist Church in Trujillo.

During his 15 hours of work, Leyder fulfills the mission of bringing people to Jesus through a simple method. “Talking about Christ is a delight for me,” says Leyder Tello Jiménez. You can also show others the way during your work day.

Pray to God and explore your possibilities.


Edited by: Yulianny Ramos Domínguez


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