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Radio Nuevo Tiempo on the Air in Rapa Nui

*This article has been auto-translated.

The sign of hope is present on one of the most remote islands in the world, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, belonging to Chile

Radio Nuevo Tiempo is on the air in Rapa Nui Island, in the Pacific South, on the 107.3 FM frequency. (Image: Aliacksei Skreidzeleu)

On one of the most remote islands in the world, to the Pacific south, "Rapa Nui", belonging to the Valparaíso region, Chile, the sign of hope is once again on the air. With the well-known: "iorana", greeting in the native language of the island, the delegation of Radio Nuevo Tiempo Chile was welcomed, who launched the signal.

On the 107.3 FM frequency, the voice of hope will be 24 hours a day, 7 days a week preaching of Christ and his message of salvation, to the people of Pascu and the continentals of the island.

In this new beginning, Pastor Aldo Muñoz, president of the Chilean Union, administrative headquarters of the Adventist Church in the country, met at the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the place, who mentioned: "The administration of the Chilean Union is pleased, grateful to God because during these days we have relaunched "Radio Nuevo Tiempo" here in Rapa Nui. It will be a great opportunity for preaching, twenty-four-seven we will be announcing that Christ is coming to look for us soon," Muñoz concluded.

Tape cut due to the airing of Radio Nuevo Tiempo. (Photo: Patricio Olivares)

In addition, there was the pastor, Charles Rampanelli, Executive Secretary of the Adventist Church in the country; Walter Ferloni, financial director of the Nuevo Tiempo Network in Chile, and leaders of the Chilean Pacific Mission, (administrative head of the Adventist Church for the Valparaíso region).

For his part, Pastor Patricio Olivares, general director of the Nuevo Tiempo Network in Chile, thanked the contribution made by the Angels of Esperanza, to fulfill this dream: "Having the radio in Rapa Nui has always been naturally a dream and today, finally, after a long time, we have again on the air the sign of hope on this island. We thank God and all our Angels of Hope for their course, for contributing and supporting this ministry of New Time, may the Lord bless you," Olivares said.

Thank you "Angels of Hope" 📡 Radio Nuevo Tiempo is back on the air on RAPA NUI

Deciding for the Savior

In the middle of the programming, on Saturday, June 17, the story of Rolando Burgos and Ana Pérez was made known, a couple who for work reasons went to live on the island, without imagining, that in that beautiful place, they would decide for Jesus as their personal Savior, through baptism. It was an emotional and joyful moment that sealed the final purpose of Radio Nuevo Tiempo.

Rolando Burgos and Ana Pérez who decided for Jesus, through baptism. (Photo: Patricio Olivares)

Emotional moment of baptism. (Photo: Patricio Olivares)

Finally, the director of Radio Nuevo Tiempo in Chile, Norianny López, delivered an emotional message during the meeting of the launch of the signal: "The greatest miracles in history have been manifested in peoples of faith: By faith, the sea was opened before Moses, by faith Noe made an ark to protect himself from something he had never seen: Rain."

"More than 20 years ago, by faith, the Lord has allowed hope to reach hundreds and thousands of homes through the radio, in the Chilean territory. Today once again, because of the faith we have placed in the Lord, we can see how the radio signal returns to the most isolated place in the world, to accompany the work of those servants who go from door to door speaking to every nation, tribe and language. May our God bless all the Rapa Nui people, and impact their hearts with the truth that is Jesus," López pointed out.

Happy for the decision made. (From left to right) Pastor Charles Rampanelli, Executive Secretary IASD Chile; Rolando Burgos, Ana Pérez and Pastor Aldo Muñoz, President of the Chilean Union. (Photo: Patricio Olivares).

Without a doubt, the Lord is blessing throughout all of Chile the progress of His work. Hundreds of people decide for Christ through baptism every year and it continues to be preached with greater impetus that "Jesus is coming soon," through the air, through the airwaves of radio, television and web New Time, and on land through the churches, so that what was said by the Savior in Matthew 24:14 may be fulfilled: "And this gospel of the kingdom will be

Tune in to Radio Nuevo Tiempo 24/7 and get to know our frequencies here.


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