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Photo Story: Bible Workers Receive Training in India

Earlier this month, one of our Bible Worker units had a special three-day revival, training, and planning meeting.

Local church leaders had originally planned to meet at a nearby school during a holiday when the students were on a break. When the meetings were delayed, they had to find a new location. God led them to a facility owned by a Christian family. When they told them why they needed the facilities, the family offered to let them use the meeting areas, sleeping quarters, and kitchen for free! This significantly decreased the cost of the training.

"God has been with us!" local church leaders said.

"We have been richly blessed as we fasted and prayed together and had communion service..."

"And we have discussed and decided to recommit our lives to God and follow the counsels of God on how workers should live, devotional life, complete and daily surrender, and Christ-like ministry."

The Bible Workers send their big "Thank you" to JFA supporters. Please continue to pray for them so they will have the aid of the Holy Spirit to Carry out the things they have planned.

Thank you to all of you who have supported our Bible Worker Training fund, which allows meetings like these to happen!

If you would like to help enable more Bible Workers to receive needed training and revival, please click the button below.

- Contributed by Jesus for Asia


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