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Only Two Days Left to Live

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Late one night, Brother Baskar’s phone rang. A student from one of the evening school students he supervises called him unexpectedly. The girl on the other end sounded distressed when he answered the call. “My mother is going to die within two days,” she cried. “Sir, if you don’t mind, please come and pray for my mother.” 

Brother Baskar told his wife about the call, and they immediately went to the student’s house to pray. 

Tarni is in 12th grade and has been attending the evening school in her village. At the school, the teachers and students had been praying for her mother to be healed from high blood pressure, high sodium, and diabetes. 

Recently, her mother’s condition had grown worse. She had strange boils all over her body, and she became weak. When she went to the hospital, the doctors said they could do nothing to help her. She only had a few days left to live. They sent her home in a hired vehicle. 

By this time, Tarni’s mother could neither walk nor sit up. When she got back to her village, she could not get out of the van. The hospital had sent no one to help her. Tarni knew she could not lift her mother alone, so she asked her neighbors, who all refused. 

“She might die at any time,” they said. If the mother died in their arms, they worried her spirit might possess or haunt them. 

“Just help me,” Tarni begged, tears streaming down her face. “Nothing will happen.” Eventually, four older men came to take her mother from the van to her home. 

When Brother Baskar and his wife came later that night to pray for Tarni’s mother, the villagers tried to stop him. “Don’t go into that house,” they said. “It’s a cursed house.” 

“No, my God will never let me down. I have a mighty God.” Brother Baskar replied. 

When they went inside, Tarni’s mother was crying. She was concerned about what would happen to her daughter if she died.

Brother and Mrs. Baskar consoled her, saying, “We are here, our school is here. Don’t worry. Nothing will happen to you.”

“May I pray for you?” Brother Baskar asked.

 “Yes, please pray for me.” After the prayer, Tarni’s mother asked them to return.

During the following day, Brother Baskar couldn’t go. When Tarni came to the evening school, she updated everyone on her mother’s condition. “After [Brother Baskar] came and prayed, my mother is feeling a little better. But she still cannot sit or walk.”

On the third day, Brother Baskar and his wife went to Tarni’s house again to pray. That day, her mother had a fantastic report to share. 

“Last night, someone came to me in a dream while I was sleeping...He told me, ‘You are going to be healed. Your sickness is going to go away. I am going to bless you, but never give up praying.’ After that, the man left. After he came and blessed me, I am feeling far better.”

Brother Baskar took the opportunity to teach her more about Jesus. 

Now, Tarni’s mother is recovering. She is walking to church every day. She wants to be baptized once she is completely healed, as God promised. 

Tarni is so thankful for her mother’s healing and for the evening school. “Only because I came to the evening school did I come to know the love of Jesus; I came to know these loving people,” she said.

Not only have Tarni and her mother been touched by this miracle, but their neighbors have also. “If you had given up that day, Tarni’s mother would have died,” they said. “Because you went to pray for this lady, your God has saved her. Now she is alive.”

Please pray for Tarni, her mother, and her neighbors to continue learning about Jesus and follow Him. 

Please also continue to pray for our evening schools. These schools provide education and a nutritious meal primarily to poor children. More than that, however, they teach the children, and through them their parents, about Jesus and His love for them. 

Just $7 per month (per child) will enable a student like Tarni to attend an evening school and learn about Jesus. If you are convicted to participate in this ministry financially, please click the button below. 

-Contributed by Jesus for Asia


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