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More Than 260 Pathfinders Decide to be Disciples of Christ Through Baptism

The "Disciples" Camporee of the Adventist Church in northern Peru, fulfilled its main objective of consolidating the decision of baptism of more than 260 youth who participate in the Pathfinder Club.

The club, more than a place of comprehensive learning, is a means of evangelism, a ministry that guides adolescents towards the Kingdom of Heaven. The work that began with 100 participants, guided more than twice as many teenagers to join together and seal their pact of love with God.

It was in the pool where the story of two Pathfinders from the Central West of Peru who were baptized was known. They commented that, thanks to two other Pathfinders who offered them Bible Studies, they made the decision to give their lives to Christ.

The local church they come from is made up of families new to Adventism. So now, his biggest challenge is preaching and offering Bible Studies to his parents, who are not Adventists. His parents were present at his baptisms and have agreed to continue knowing the Word of God.

"Jesus is life, and without Jesus we are nothing. If you want to live and be happy, you just have to follow Jesus," Kiara declared after descending into the waters of the baptism. Despite having difficulty attending camp because her father would not allow her to go to the club, through prayer and with the help of her mother, Kiara managed to attend each weekly Pathfinder Club meeting.

The Pathfinders were challenged in every program and activity, and many of them answered the question: What does it mean to be a disciple of Christ? Some of their responses were; “Be a person who follows Jesus, without breaking his commandments”, “a person who brings the word to those who need it”, “walk in the ways of God and be able to talk with him as a friend; Jesus is our best companion and to be with him in any circumstance”, “follow the steps of Jesus, like his spiritual life when he was on earth”, “I have strengthened my spiritual relationship with Jesus in this camp”, “Jesus is our teacher , we your students; We must be good conquerors and apply his Word in our lives.”


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