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Mission Trip Antofagasta Impacts Vulnerable Communities

* This story has been auto-translated

Volunteer missionaries from Chile and Peru carried out various community and evangelism activities, which led 29 people to baptism.

Each medical care concluded with a prayer and the delivery of a missionary book. (Photo: Benjamin Photographs)

Intense days with various social and missionary activities of impact on the community were lived at the Mission Trip in Antofagasta, a city located in the north of Chile, from July 9 to 19 of this year, in which 122 volunteers participated, including university students, professionals in different areas and students from Adventist schools in Chile and Peru. It was a joint project between Adventist Education and the Adventist Voluntary Service (SVA), with the purpose of continuing to extend the gospel of Christ through practical actions of love and service to others.

Community service actions

People of all ages, from the seven most vulnerable areas of the city, received free medical care in the specialties of gastroenterology, gynecology, neurology, dentistry, cardiology, psychology and general medicine. In addition, Christian Holiday Schools, health conferences, evangelism conferences, recreational activities, restoration of public places, church painting were developed, family baskets were delivered, haircut services were offered, among other actions.

Free haircut services and medical operations in different areas. (Photo: Benjamin Photographs)

All this was carried out during the days of the missionary project called "Mission Trip", which was organized and developed by the Adventist Voluntary Service of the Northern Association of Chile (ANCh), the administrative headquarters of the Adventist Church for northern Chile. In total, 416 people received medical care only in the operations and health fairs that took place.

"Mission Trip Teens" with students from Chile and Peru

Since July 13, a representative team of adolescents, made up of sixty students from the mission agencies of Adventist schools in northern Chile and thirty-six students from the Adventist College of Titicaca in Peru, started the "Mission Trip Teens", joining the activities of the project.

This youth delegation supported the work of health professionals, welcoming people, praying with them at the spiritual care stand, preparing the health fairs and supporting the entire logistical assembly of each activity. They also devoted themselves to the painting of a church, the restoration of public places and deliveries of family baskets to households with greater need.

Volunteers in church painting service. (Photo: Facebook ANCh)

Since 2022, the Mission Agency or SVA Teen Academy has been implemented in Chilean Adventist schools in response to the missionary plan of the Department of Education and the SVA of the Adventist Church in Chile. This would be the third time that young schoolchildren participate in a mission trip.

Bible study and baptisms

In addition to preaching the love of Jesus through service actions, there was also a space, during the nights, for the study of the Bible through lectures and reflections, where members of the community came in search of a connection with God. Thus, at the end of these evangelism campaigns, a total of 37 people made the decision to give their lives to Christ, through baptism, 29 of whom were baptized during those days and 8 chose Saturday, July 29 as the date of their new birth in Christ, and many others decided to begin a Bible study to learn more about the good news of salvation, with the guidance of members.

Baptism in an evangelism campaign in one of the impacted areas. (Photo: Facebook ANCh)

"The best thing about a mission trip is what you do, it is a beautiful experience to impact other people, but the greatest impact is the one that is generated in us and the closeness that there is to God. We have seen the hand of God is small things and in big things, such as seeing people who are going to give their lives into the hands of Jesus," commented one of the volunteers.

Leaders involved

In order to get involved in the different activities of this missionary trip, Pastor Dieter Bruns, Director of the Adventist Voluntary Service of the South American Division; Pastor Charles Rampanelli, Director of the SVA of the Chilean Union (UCh); Patricio Figueroa, National Coordinator SVA UCh; Pastor Alan Cosavalente, National Coordinator of the SVA Unión Peruana del Norte.

Teen volunteers and visiting leaders. (Photo: Benjamin Photographs)

All the office staff of the ANCh, organizing and host headquarters, were also involved in various support tasks for the realization of this missionary project.

"For me it has been very special to be here in Chile because I perceive that people are very involved in the mission. One perceives when the church and young people get involved in the mission, and that of course, creates very nice results. I think Chile is experiencing a very special moment where the mission is a priority. Thank God for what is happening here in Chile," said Pastor Dieter Bruns.

See more photos about the activities of the Mission Trip in Antofagasta, below:


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