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Mission Caleb Volunteers Paint Nuevo Tiempo Logo on Public Roads

*This article has been auto-translated.

Mural will motivate more people to tune in to Radio Nuevo Tiempo in the city of Lima and find hope through the 103.3FM.

Caleb team that painted the logo and frequency of Radio Nuevo Tiempo in Lima. (Photo: Pr. Jaime Jove)

A Nuevo Tiempo logo next to the new 103.3FM frequency for Lima, can be seen next to a sports lane in a public area in the town of Carapongo, in Ñaña, in Lima.

It was a Caleb team, from the Alfa edition, who decided to paint it in full view of everyone so that the frequency is displayed even more and more people know that La Voz de la Esperanza is already in Lima. "The purpose is for people to be interested in tuning in to the frequency and find peace and the response to the emptiness they have in their hearts," said Pr. Jaime Jove, leader of the Caleb team in this area.

Along with the Nuevo Tiempo logo and the radio frequency, the logo of the Adventist Church and the Logo of Mission Caleb were also painted as a symbol of "leaving a mark" of the passage of volunteers.

After this episode, the Caleb team affirmed that, at the end of each social action, it will place the radio frequency and the Nuevo Tiempo logo, according to the corresponding city. "This is an initiative that we would like to do in other cities of the country, so that more people find salvation through the Radio Nuevo Tiempo signal," says Pr. Jove.


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