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Maranatha to Build 100 Churches Rural Peru

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

*This story has been auto-translated

The project is carried out through donations and will benefit small churches located in rural areas of southern Peru

Members of the Laraqueri central congregation located in the city of Puno, Peru, are part of the list of beneficiaries. (Photo: Marantha Volunteers International)

In Peru, there are many communities far from the urban area, a large number of people live far from modernity with different economic and material deficiencies. It is there that the gospel also arrives to bring hope to the most vulnerable, making more and more people come together motivated by the love of God. However, in this context there is also the need to have an infrastructure that will welcome them, in the face of different climate changes and other circumstances.

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That is why, Maranatha Volunteers International in coordination with the Peruvian Union of the South - UPS (Administrative Headquarters of the Adventist Church in Southern Peru), has initiated a project that seeks that 100 small churches located in rural areas of southern Peru, belonging to the areas of influence of the administrative fields of the Titicaca Lake Mission (MLT), South Peruvian Orient Mission.

Despite the various barriers, such as road closures or cessation of activities due to social crises in the country; from January to July 2023, this project has more than 45% progress, which represents a significant improvement for small churches and fewer resources in the south of the country.

About Maranatha Volunteers International

This ministry has been in existence for 55 years, supporting the Seventh-day Adventist Church, receiving and responding to requests for assistance for the construction of infrastructure for temples, health centers and schools.

Maranatha is an organization that carefully selects each project, according to the need and the general impact on the community. Construction projects are funded by donations from private sponsors, through specific programs that make it easier for people to donate, such as "The $10 Church" or "One-Day Church".

In 2023, the organization is working in Brazil, Canada, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, India, Kenya, Peru, the United States and Zambia.

See more images of the project, below:


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