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Making the Impossible Possible: A Bible Worker Story from India

To Alka, a JFA Bible Worker, it seemed impossible that the family she was visiting would ever believe in Jesus. They were a devoted Hindu family of ten. She had become friends with them through some mutual acquaintances. One day, when they were visiting, the topic turned to world religions. Alka took this as an opportunity to share the Gospel with them. They didn’t appear to be much affected by the conversation; however, God made the impossible possible.

Sometime later, one of the family members became very sick. They, of course, wanted their relative to be healed, so they did everything they thought was best to help them. They went to their idols and offered sacrifices. They performed rituals; they went to many doctors and specialists, but nothing helped. Finally, they gave up hope. They didn’t know what else they could do.

Around this time, Alka went to visit the family. She learned about their problem and asked if she could pray for the sick person. Somehow, they agreed. Alka prayed. But she also asked them to believe in Jesus, who alone can give true healing. They believed, and God answered their prayers for the healing of their sick family member. Since then, the family has continued to grow in their relationship with God. They started going to church and threw out all their idols. Now, they are preparing for baptism. Alka praises God for this amazing miracle.

If God is leading you to invest in the ministries of Bible Workers like Alka, who are dedicating their lives to sharing Jesus with others in India, please click the button below.

- Contributed by Jesus for Asia


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