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Listener Makes Flyers by Hand to Promote Radio Nuevo Tiempo

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

*This article has been auto-translated.

Agapito Paricahua believes that promoting radio programming is part of the mission of sharing the gospel

Agapito Paricahua and the flyers he made by hand to promote Radio Nuevo Tiempo in Lima on 103.3FM. (Photo: Personal archive)

"Nuevo Tiempo is a station that proclaims peace and hope and we have to promote so that more people know the message of salvation," says Agapito Paricahua, listener of Radio Nuevo Tiempo in Campoy, San Juan de Lurigancho - Lima.

Convinced of this slogan, he dedicates his free time to making dozens of flyers in his own handwriting where he indicates the 103.3 FM frequency of Radio Nuevo Tiempo Perú, the recent signal acquired for Lima. Once his designs are ready, he walks the streets of his town distributing passers-by and talking to them about the programming that brings peace and hope for these times.

"We have to be agents of Nuevo Tiempo," says the listener with a convinced smile. "Along with the flyers, I deliver the missionary books where I also place the 103.3 FM frequency," Agapito adds.

For him, there are no distances or barriers when the purpose is to talk about Jesus to others and lead a different lifestyle. "I tell you that the radio has a varied program: there are health programs, psychology and even news at every hour," he emphasizes. The passers-by receive the steering wheel with a smile and a little surprised.

Although he is progressively recovering from an accident, that former school teacher has proposed to continue this activity every Wednesday and Saturday as part of his missionary activities so that, thus, more people get to know Christ.

Agapito Paricahua is convinced that the media are fundamental tools in the advancement of the preaching of the gospel in these times. He encourages the audience, on July 22, to participate in the New Time Annual Offering 2023, which raises economic funds for the maintenance of antennas, equipment and new radio acquisitions and, thus continue to transmit peace and hope to all of Peru through the radio, television and Internet signal.


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