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It Is Written Wins 11 Telly Awards

It is with gratitude that It Is Written announces it has received 11 Telly Awards this year for various programs. Two gold awards were presented to Escrito Está, the Spanish-language ministry, in recognition of its exceptional contributions to spiritual broadcasting and editing. It Is Written programs The Hero and Great Characters of the Bible: Solomon were honored with silver and bronze awards, respectively, in the Television Craft category, among others.

In addition, silver and bronze awards were given to Dancing with the Devil, a recent It Is Written program that examines the deceptions of Satan and features a captivating interview with a woman who spent years immersed in the occult. Richard Ramont, It Is Written media production director, said, “We were particularly excited that what our team produced for [this] episode, Dancing with the Devil, was recognized in competition with top studios in the U.S. and international spheres."

Although the accolades are appreciated, It Is Written remains focused on sharing Jesus. “As a ministry, we don’t set out to win awards,” said John Bradshaw, It Is Written president, “but we do our best to make high-quality Bible-teaching programs. We’re thankful our programs are seen worldwide and that people come to a saving relationship with Jesus through our work. From one end of the ministry to another, we have a group of dedicated people giving their all to communicate the everlasting Gospel. Receiving these awards shows our ministry team is striving to give people the best opportunity to know and understand the message of the Bible.”

The Telly Awards honor excellence in video and television across all screens and saw a record-breaking year, receiving nearly 13,000 entries from top video and television content producers across the globe. It Is Written has won 58 Telly Awards since 2011, when John Bradshaw became president.

Here is a breakdown of awards received for each video. See the award categories below and a link to each program.

Escrito Está

  • Gold—Social Video Craft, Editing

  • Gold—Non-Broadcast General, Religion/Spirituality

Great Characters of the Bible: Solomon (click each title to watch)

  • Silver—Television Craft, Motion Graphics/Design

  • Bronze—Television Craft, Visual Effects

  • Silver—Television Craft, Videography/Cinematography

  • Bronze—Television Craft, Editing

  • Silver—Television Craft, Writing

  • Bronze—Television Craft, Videography/Cinematography

  • Silver—Television General, Religious/Spiritual

  • Silver—Television Craft, Writing

  • Bronze—Television Craft, Videography/Cinematography

The original version of this story was posted on the North American Division website.


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