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How Can We Help in a War Happening on the Other Side of the World?

For more than four months, the Meitei and Kuki peoples of Manipur, India, have been in the middle of a violent conflict, which some have started to refer to as a civil war.

Here is some background to the conflict, as shared in Christianity today: “Since May, more than 180 people have been killed, hundreds of churches have been destroyed, and [more than 60,000] have been displaced as the Hindu-majority Meitei people, who live in the lowlands, violently retaliated against the [mostly-Christian minority] Kuki’s peaceful protests over efforts to give Meitei access to the hill land where they live.” 1

Because so many churches have been destroyed and Christians killed, many Kukis consider the attacks against their people to be an attempt at ethnically cleansing the state of its Christian tribal groups. 2

Hope in the Conflict

God has given Jesus for Asia an opportunity to make a difference and provide hope for some affected by this conflict.

Robert*, from the Kuki tribe, is a Bible Worker we recently hired in Manipur. We were introduced to him through our long-time friends and fellow missionaries, Dennis and Judy Skandunas. They have known him for many years and have seen his dedication to God and His work.

Robert was able to give this lady an IV with medicine to help her medical condition.

Robert has experience as a medical missionary, and when the conflict broke out, he started to help provide basic care to people who had to flee their homes. Sickness does not stop for war, and many people do not have access to medical care during this time, so his ministry has been especially effective.

Here is one report** from Robert that the Skandunases shared with us:

“Late night visit to some patients. By the grace of God, our camp has shown significant improvement in reducing an infectious viral/bacterial outbreak. I heard from many parents their words of thanks and gratitude. They asked one another how they would face this health crisis if I were not there, as they left their houses empty-handed. Some wondered how I was able to manage and know how to give medicines timely without any proper medical background. But it is all by God’s grace."I know I have taken a very severe risk in trying to ease people’s pain, but until today, God, who is guiding my hand, is blessing the people I am with. It is not because of who I am but because of God’s grace. I believe with all my heart, dear uncle and aunt, that God is the one who joined us together to fight the prince of darkness during such a time as this. Thanks for your support. I believe the work has just begun. I believe if I remain faithful, God will allow His presence to go with me continually. Thank you for your love and concern; with love, Robert.”

In order to better serve the suffering, Robert has requested help in the following two areas:

1: Funding for medical supplies he can take to various villages and relief centers to help those in need.

2: An “ambulance” truck to transport patients, supplies, medical volunteers, and literature.

This is the kind of vehicle Robert is considering for an ambulance. It has a large bed, and is four-wheel drive to travel along rugged, hilly roads

Currently, emergency vehicles are difficult to find. Robert's friend, who has been an ambulance driver since the first day of the crisis, has been constantly taking calls to transport the sick and injured throughout the day and night. This friend was excited about possibly having another ambulance to help people who would otherwise have no opportunity for medical care.

Robert has also started to train others to do medical work. He would like a way to transport others to help where the needs are greatest.

He has a dream to share the Great Controversy throughout Manipur. He was going to join the war, but when he read this book, he changed his mind and started his ministry. He believes it could significantly impact his tribe during this conflict. He is currently editing the Kuki translation, using the English, Mizo, and Zomi (a similar language to Kuki) translations to ensure no crucial points are missed.

Once the translation is finished, Robert wants to print copies of the book and use the truck to transport them throughout the Manipur hills where his people live.

A four-wheel-drive truck like this will cost around $20,000. We have, to date, raised $1,100 toward this need.

Please continue to pray for Robert, his ministry, and our brothers and sisters in Manipur who are suffering during this time.

If God is leading you to give a gift to help purchase medical supplies and/or the ambulance, please click the button below.

-Contributed by Jesus for Asia


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