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God Fixed the Well

For the Bible Worker Training

"The well is dry. We don't have any water." Israel Prasad, our India Director, was preparing for our Bible Worker training that was going to be held at our property in South India when Pandian, the property's local caretaker, told him this bad news.

Not only was the big, open well dry, but the 900-foot-deep bore well had a broken part and needed repairs. Israel was shocked.

"Water is everything," he thought. "If we don't have water, what will we do? We're inviting all these people." Daily temperatures were expected to soar above 100 degrees during the next few weeks.

The next morning, Israel shared the problem with the Bible Workers on their daily Zoom devotional, and they all prayed for God to provide water.

A few days before the first meeting, Israel asked Pandian to buy 6,000 liters of water, which cost around $30.

Pandian used 4,000 liters to fill the three tanks on the property, and

Israel asked him to put the remaining 2,000 liters into the open well. Israel worried because they hadn't budgeted for purchasing water.

During the first training week, more than 60 people came. Everyone

prayed for the water, but they quickly used up the 4,000 liters in the tanks. Israel told Pandian to get more water, but Pandian reminded

him of the 2,000 liters in the well.

They started to draw water from the well and have been doing so ever since. More than two weeks and tens of thousands of liters of water later, the well has not run dry. They were also able to fix the bore well.

God has blessed them with such an abundance of water that they've even started watering plants around the property that were suffering because of the heat and have started planting a garden!

This has been another reminder to the Bible Workers, and also to us, that God is faithful, and we can trust in His promises.

And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. - Philippians 4:19


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