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God Brought Cambodian Students to the Philippines!

Last week, we shared how God led our Cambodian future teachers through their travels to and from the SALT Program in Malaysia and how God helped them get the necessary paperwork to go to the Philippines to attend Mountain View College.

This past Tuesday (August 22), Natalie Howell was given the go-ahead to purchase the students' tickets. With much prayer, Billy Howell and the students flew to the Philippines on Wednesday. At immigration, they discovered they were missing one crucial piece of paperwork from the college. Praise the Lord, the school staff worked quickly, and the students made it in time for their next flight. After 18 hours of traveling, they safely reached their destination.

Thank you to all of you who have been praying for these students. We ask that you continue praying for their schooling (they will start classes two weeks into the semester), their spiritual growth, and God's provision. The students still need around $23,000 (total for seven students) to pay for this year's tuition and fees.

Please also pray for the three students who will be Bible Workers for a year. They will be working under the SALT leaders in Malaysia. After finishing the training program, these students felt convicted to delay their studies to serve God and become more spiritually grounded. One student shared that she believes serving as a Bible Worker will help her become a better teacher in the future. This time, they can get visas that will allow them to stay in-country for the whole year.

Please click the button below if God is leading you to invest in these students' educational and spiritual journey.

- Contributed by Jesus for Asia


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