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Giving God the Credit

A Bible Worker Story from India

Jeya could not shake the anxious feeling in her heart. She worried that something terrible was going to happen to her. 

One day, Hepsi and her fellow JFA Bible Worker met Jeya. They asked if they could pray for her, and she explained her fears. She also requested prayers for her school-aged son. The Bible Workers prayed for them both. 

The next time they met Jeya, she had much to tell them. God saved her from an accident, she declared. One day, as she was going to her son’s school, the auto-rickshaw she was riding in nearly collided with another vehicle. In the blink of an eye, the Lord saved her, and she safely made it to the school.

Jeya said that the Lord saved her from the accident through the Bible Workers’ prayers for her on the day they last met. 

“We thanked God for saving her from that disaster,” Hepsi shared.

The Bible Workers are giving Jeya Bible studies and praying for her to attend church on Sabbath.

We are constantly inspired when we hear stories of God answering prayers, but even more remarkable is hearing how God helped a person to see His hand in receiving what they requested. Jeya could have taken her narrow escape as a mere coincidence, but her declaration of God saving her proves that the Holy Spirit is working in her heart. Please keep Jeya and her son in your prayers as she learns more about Jesus. 

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-Contributed by Jesus for Asia


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