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From Heartbreak to Joy

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

God Transforms a Family Through Evening School Principal's Love

Tears welled up in third-grader Devistri’s eyes as she saw the happy family walk past her on the street. “I want my mother; I want my father; I miss them!” she cried. Devistri and her older brother Kavan lived in a small Indian village with their grandmother. A few months before, their alcoholic father, Suresh, got into a severe accident and was hospitalized for several months. During this time, their mother became involved with another man and left the children without warning. The two children were heartbroken. Amid their sorrows, Kavan and Devistri met Brother Thomas and Sister Jennifer. Brother Thomas is the evening school principal in his area, and both he and his wife are Bible Workers. The couple invited the two children to the JFA Evening School near their home. They hoped Kavan and Devistri could make new friends and distract themselves from their situation. Brother Thomas and Sister Jennifer personally took Kavan and Devistri to the evening school. They taught them about Jesus. They taught them how great God is, how He can heal anyone, and how He can change anyone’s heart. Kavan and Devistri were very quiet at first, and they did not participate in the programs, but eventually, they started to sing and pray. When the children’s father was released from the hospital, Brother Thomas and Sister Jennifer regularly visited the kids’ home to pray with him. Suresh injured his brain in the accident and lost his short-term memory. Every time Brother Thomas and Sister Jennifer visited, they had to re-introduce themselves.

God, in His goodness, healed Suresh and restored his nerve damage and memory. He believed Jesus healed him. God transformed Suresh’s life, and now he has so much joy. Suresh and his children have started going to church every Sabbath. He wants to be baptized, so Brother Thomas and Sister Jennifer are giving him Bible studies. Whenever Brother Thomas and Sister Jennifer come to their house, Kavan and Devistri run and hug them; they have even started calling them Uncle and Aunty. The local villagers have noticed and commented, “These children love you so much; they are so happy to see you!”

Devistri and Kavan receive a gift from Sister Jennifer (on right)

Suresh (second from left) with Sister Jennifer and other church members

When someone asks Devistri,” You used to cry and ask for your mother, but now, you don’t cry. Don’t you still want your mother?” She says, “No, I have Jesus Christ now. He is enough for me. And I have a loving Aunty and Uncle. These three are more than enough for me.”

Suresh, Kavan, and Devistri are very thankful for this evening school and all the love that has been shown to them. In gratitude to God, Suresh has started to take his kids to clean the church so it is neat and tidy for Sabbath. Their service has been a testimony to some of the other church members who have been less eager to help. Sister Jennifer shared that she is amazed to see the family’s great faith in Jesus.Please keep Kavan, Devistri, Suresh, and their relatives in your prayers. Pray they may continue to grow in faith and be lights to others.

Seven dollars a month will allow a child like Kavan or Devistri to get tutoring, eat a healthy meal, and learn about Jesus at one of our evening schools. Please click the button below if God is leading you to support this project.

Our evening schools would not be possible without the dedication of Bible Workers like Brother Thomas and Sister Jennifer, who care so deeply about the children and teach them about Jesus. If you would like to support the ministries of these and other Bible Workers, please click the button below.


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