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First Ever Baptisms on an Indonesian Island

Indonesia Bible Workers

This past Sabbath, September 9, five people were baptized through the ministry of our Bible Worker, Fadhlan*, in Indonesia. Until now, he and his family have been the only Seventh-day Adventists on their island of 27,000 people. Fadhlan and his family lived on another island in a large city when they first learned about Jesus. After accepting Christ, Fadhlan was convicted to return to the island where he was born to serve his people.

Fadhlan has served as a JFA Bible Worker on this island for over a year. Last year, his daughter was the first person on the island to be baptized by immersion and praise God; last week, another five precious souls followed her example.

In God’s work, however, success is often accompanied by trials and persecution (see John 15:19-20). Because of Fadhlan’s work on the island, leaders of the island’s official protestant church sat him down and threatened to kill him. The leader claimed that the island belonged to his denomination. When Fadhlan tried to explain his position with Scripture, the leaders laughed at him “like the devil laughed at Jesus,” Ramon Tengkano, who shared this update with us, said. Ramon expressed concern that Fadhlan might be in danger.

When we heard the update, we started praying for God to protect our Bible Worker and create a way for him to continue his ministry. A few days later, we received news that the church leader had passed away.

We invite you to join us in prayer for the rest of that church’s leadership, including the person who will replace the leader. Please pray for God to work in their hearts to be more friendly toward Fadhlan and open to Bible truth. Please also pray for Fadhlan and his wife as they continue to serve Jesus on their island and for the newly baptized believers to grow in faith and remain committed to Christ no matter what.

If God is leading you to help invest in the ministries of Bible Workers in Indonesia like Fadhlan, please click the button below.

- Contributed by Jesus for Asia


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