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CommLab Expands Opportunities for Thought Leaders and Creatives in the Field of Communication

CommLab provides a unique outlet for cooperation and mutual learning as the Church navigates the challenges of media creation.

The Southern Asia-Pacific Division (SSD) of Seventh-day Adventists began an exciting, revolutionary adventure by launching its first-ever Communication Laboratory (aka CommLab) on August 7–12, 2023, at the SSD headquarters in Cavite, Philippines. This historic event gathered over 30 participants from 14 countries, all eager to participate in an intensive, in-depth training program designed to enhance cooperation, networking, and brand alignment of content and strategies among communication leaders and creatives.

The inauguration event was met with enthusiasm and expectation, thanks to the visionary leadership of Pastor Heshbon Buscato, Communication director for the SSD. Buscato shared his delight as the CommLab began, seeing a future in which creativity and communication fluidly combine to further the church's mission and outreach activities.

“We all look forward to this day when we can start a conversation where we can work together and see mission in a perspective that meets all the facets of ministry, inreach and outreach,” Buscato said.

The major purpose of CommLab was to establish a dynamic area for creatives to determine the direction of their productions and optimize the effect of the materials they make, not only for the benefit of the church but also for the growth and outreach of the ministry. CommLab provided a unique outlet for cooperation and mutual learning as the church navigates the challenges of media creation, such as limited staff, financial limitations, and content direction. Participants learned how to generate and share appealing material at all levels of the church by sharing their experiences and thoughts.

The week-long CommLab provided a thorough training curriculum covering all aspects of communication work. Specialized training in production management, writing, technical production, social media management, and communication leadership were provided to participants. Workshops provided hands-on training, allowing students to dive deeply into topics such as conceptualization and writing, preparing them to flourish in their positions as communicators.

The Southern Asia-Pacific Division aspires to have a transformational influence on communication strategies across the area by cultivating a community of communicators that value innovation, efficiency, and unity. The CommLab acts as a catalyst for creative ideas and solutions that solve the difficulties encountered by communication teams as delegates congregate and share their different viewpoints.

The first CommLab marked a watershed point in the SSD's communication activities. This event, with its emphasis on collaboration, shared learning, and unified strategies, unleashed a powerful wave of creativity and communication excellence throughout the region, ultimately contributing to the greater mission of spreading the Gospel message to all corners of the earth.

The original version of this story was posted on the Southern Asia-Pacific Division website.


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