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Children’s Prayers Bring Families Back to Jesus!

Children praying at a JFA Evening School

How could God allow her son to die at such a young age, Grandma Susi questioned. She was angry with God. Before his accident, her son seemed to be doing well. He was married; he had a daughter. Now he was gone, and her daughter-in-law had left her granddaughter, Laila*, in her care. Her one remaining son was in poor health. 

Susi had been a Seventh-Day Adventist, but in her grief, she decided to give up on God. For many years, she stopped going to church. Still, when she heard about the evening school starting in a nearby church, she happily allowed Laila, who was in second grade, to attend. 

At the evening school, Laila had the opportunity to receive two hours of tutoring and a free healthy meal six days a week. She also learned about Jesus. She and her schoolmates learned that if they prayed to Jesus, He would answer their prayers.

Teaching students to pray

Laila shared her family’s struggles, and the evening school teachers and students started to pray for them. Grandma Susi was touched when she heard the children were praying for her. “I have forgotten this God, the Living God, the truth, [and] the wonderful church which has the truth.” 

Grandma Susi started coming to the evening school and praying with the children. She began to experience peace in her life. Now, she is attending church regularly. 

“Something was missing for a long time, and I have found that–the love of Jesus Christ.” Now, she says, “My God will never let me down. I’m not going to go back anymore.”

Grandma Susi is thankful for the evening school because if Laila had not gone, she is not sure she would have returned to God. 

God wanted Grandma Susi to remember His love for her. How beautiful is it that He used her granddaughter’s prayers to remind her of that love? A similar story recently happened in a nearby town. 

A Second Family Returns to Jesus

Prasan is five years old. His mother, Sindu, grew up Seventh-Day Adventist. When she grew up, Sindu married a Hindu man who did not want her to attend church. She still went occasionally but wasn’t very involved. 

One day, Prasan had a seizure. When they took him to the hospital, doctors told his parents that his condition was severe. Although Sindu did not really practice her beliefs, she knew prayer was powerful. She went with her mother to their local church and evening school to request prayer for Prasan. 

The church members and evening school students started to pray for Prasan, and God answered their prayers! Prasan’s health improved, and he was discharged from the hospital. 

God used this situation to touch the hearts of Prasan’s family members, including his father. He had gone to many Hindu temples and done so many rituals, but nothing helped his son. When his wife and mother-in-law went to the church and asked for prayer, Jesus healed his son. 

After this, the whole family, including Prasan’s father, came to church. They want to do much more for Jesus, they said, because He has answered the prayers of the children and the church members.

Prasan’s father invited Brother Baskar, the evening school principal, to his home to pray for his family. Now, Brother Baskar is giving Bible studies to the family, and they are going to church on Sabbath. They are very thankful for what God has done for their family.  

God deserves all the glory for changing the lives of these families! We praise Him for using these evening schools to help accomplish His work. 

You can help more children learn the power of prayer and support their health and education by giving toward the JFA Evening School project. 

Only $7 a month will give a child access to free tutoring, healthy food, and teaching about Jesus six days a week. Click the button below to give. 

-Contributed by Jesus for Asia


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