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Caring for the Sick and Sharing Jesus in Conflict-Ridden Manipur

Recently, we shared about our Bible Worker Robert* in Manipur, who is participating in medical relief efforts for people who have been displaced because of the ethnic conflict in Manipur. This conflict has been ongoing since May 3, and hundreds of people have been killed while more than 50,000 have been displaced. 

Robert has shared some reports with us, describing some of the challenges and joys he is experiencing during this time. Below are a few excerpts from his reports, which have been edited for clarity.


So many people came for health checkups. Afterward, we had worship together, in which I gave the message. The Matthew 24 message, I believe, is a gift from God, dealing with signs of the times, war, and the hope of Jesus’ soon coming. I was amazed; many people were inspired and told me how blessed they were. They told me I could visit them any time. After worship, we prayed together and continued giving health checkups. 

Around 8 p.m., I left the relief camp. On the way, I got a call from a group of people with viral/bacterial fevers. I sent them a carton of medicine. Thank God I could guide them and tell them about the medicines and their uses. They were very thankful. So many villagers are now affected with fevers of unknown causes. 

God works and makes wonders and miracles. The greatest miracle is finding hope and happiness in what you do. My motorbike got broken near a mechanic’s house. Is that not wonderful?

Three days later:

Today, I went to town and got my bike repaired. Most of the parts were old and not functioning. As I went to visit a sick family, my bike suddenly became hard to drive and could not climb hills. I was so worried as I feared the engine was broken. But thank God it’s still beautiful. 


I visited 200+ sick people and gave them medicine. At another relief center, several people had viral infections. I gave them IVs and medicine. 

Many people are getting sick. There is no water supply in our ward at the hospital. We had to carry water from the ground floor. I had to lift a woman in the hospital with a trolly. 

The Manipur crisis is so complex, and it doesn’t seem it will end soon. 

I have seen from time to time the village ambulance, (pictured below) which I have been dreaming and praying about helping people in remote areas.

Editor’s note: There is only one ambulance for the entire tribe and the driver of this ambulance is so excited that Robert is dreaming about getting another one to help him out. 

My bike broke down, but thank God, there is always someone to repair it. [It has needed to be repaired three times this month, including engine repair.]

God is so gracious to me, and the joyful feeling of helping others is enough. 

Editor's Note: Please continue to pray for Robert and the sick people he serves. Robert has requested prayer that he will be able to find a place to rent where he can rest from his work.

Please also pray for God to provide him with a four-wheel-drive vehicle to serve as an ambulance so he can help more people from remote areas get to the hospital. This would be a tremendous help to the one other ambulance driver in the area and could save the lives of many who have no other way to get to the hospital. 

If God is leading you to help provide an ambulance for Robert so he can serve more people, please click the button below. 

-Contributed by Jesus for Asia


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