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Can We Stay at Your House?

A JFA Bible Worker Story from India

Nyapi is serving as a Bible Worker in a small town in northeast India. This area, in the foothills of the Himalayas, is predominately animist.

One day, he received a call from a man named Bommar, who lived in his home village. Bommar’s son was sick, he told Nyapi, and no one in the village could help them. He and his family needed to go to the town where Nyapi worked so his son could visit the doctors there. He and his wife didn’t have enough money for a hotel and didn’t know anyone else in town. He asked if there was any way his family could stay at Nyapi’s home.

A valley similar to the area where Nyapi works

Despite his busy schedule as a Bible Worker, Nyapi agreed, and the family arrived the following Sunday (when the hospital was closed). That evening, the boy’s sickness became severe. Not knowing what else to do, Bommar and his wife asked Nyapi and his family to pray to his God for their son. Nyapi read a few Bible verses and prayed a special prayer for the boy’s healing. The next day, Nyapi took them to the hospital and helped ensure they could meet the doctors. After the boy underwent several medical tests, the doctors discovered his condition required immediate surgery. The surgery was successful, and he was discharged two days later. Nyapi and his family continued to help Bommar’s family until the boy was well enough to travel. They returned home feeling very grateful for the hospitality, assistance, and prayers Nyapi and his family had given.

After a few days had passed, the boy’s mother called Nyapi and told him they were thankful because they believed the prayers helped in her son’s treatment and his improvement post-surgery.

Nyapi requests prayer for Bommar and his family. "Though they are not from a Christian family, they have shown trust in our prayers," Nyapi said. "Pray for Bommar's family to understand more about the true living God."

God used the difficult circumstance Bommar's family was in to reconnect him with Nyapi and give him and his family the opportunity to hear the Gospel. Because Nyapi was willing to open his home to them, he was able to plant seeds of God's love in their hearts that God can now grow. Millions in India have yet to hear the Gospel. Please join us in continual prayer for more sowers and reapers to be sent into the field.

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- Contributed by Jesus for Asia


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