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Actress Commits Life to Jesus Through Baptism in São Paulo

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Perla Cruz's relationship with the Bible and the Adventist Church became real after acting in the production.

The baptism was real in the life of the actress at the same time that it happens in the history of the character played. (Photo: APO Archive)

Perla Cruz, age 45, is known by viewers of the series 23:59 Until the Last Minute, streaming on Feliz 7 Play, a Seventh-day Adventist Church broadcast platform. She plays the mother of the character Bela, the teenage protagonist of the plot. She already had contact with the denomination, but it was through this venture that she decided to be baptized.

“It wasn't just the series itself that moved me, but what happened around it. I participated in a small group led by the casting director himself. There, we studied the Bible. In addition, my husband is also an Adventist, so the series came to help seal my decision on the side of Christ,” says the actress.

For the director of the series, Robério D'Oliveira, the actress' participation in the recordings played a key role in her decision to be baptized, which took place on Sunday, July 23, at the Boa Vista Adventist Church, in São José do Rio Preto, São Paulo, Brazil, where the material was produced. “It is very pleasing to see that a story we record can change not only the lives of those who watch it but also the lives of those who interpret it. Perla understood the relevance of the message and the importance she had, as an actress, of representing it,” highlights the director.


The series addresses the drama of three childhood friends: Lucas, Thiago, and Bela. They chose different paths, made big decisions, and moved on with their lives. However, over time, they realized that Jesus' return is near and they need to decide between salvation or loss.

Performance by Perla playing Márcia, in the fourth season of the webseries. (Photo: reproduction)

The series has been on the air since 2020. This year, the fifth and final season was recorded. “Last year, Robério told me that in 2023, in the last season, he would baptize my character. That's when he made the plea: 'What if it's a real baptism?' So I prayed, and it happened,” explains Cruz, who claims to have seen the series as a turning point in her life, according to the plot presented to viewers.

The actress's husband, Melchiades Assunção, is happy with his wife's decision. “I know that my prayers, with this real experience with the character, led Perla to baptism,” he says.

Melchiades thought he was just following the character's baptism, when he was surprised by the news that it was also the wife's baptism. (Photo: APO Archive)

Soon, you will be able to follow the end of the story of 23:59 Until the Last Minute on Feliz7Play. All seasons are available for free on the platform.

The original version of this story was posted on the South American Division Portuguese-language news site.


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