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Activated Charcoal: Method of Healing & Evangelism

Updated: Jan 19

By: Leyta Edith Sánchez Sosa and Yulianny Ramos Domínguez

Yunelis Pérez Concepción is a doctor with a charisma that invites a pleasant conversation. A member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and Health Director of the Los Lirios Church, in the city of Holguín, she works on a project that has benefited the lives of many people. 

In 2016, she had the opportunity to take the course offered by the “School of Light” in Havana, where she learned the benefits of activated charcoal. The first testimony was in  her own daughter, who suffered from lymphangitis.

“It was a pleasant surprise,” she tells us, “when my husband and I noticed the effectiveness of the treatment in just two hours after applying it."

Moved by the miracle performed on her own daughter, she promised God that, if He helped her in the research and dissemination of this novel treatment, she would dedicate her efforts to medical-missionary work.

After many nights of prayer, research and consultations in numerous scientific studies, she recognizes that it was the intervention of the Holy Spirit that helped her complete all the material she needed to present her hypothesis. Although the scientific area considers its research experimental, God has prospered the work of her hands.

After verifying the effectiveness of the treatment in more than 300 cases presented, their work has been approved and validated with the permission of the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba.  By dispensing with treatments with expensive medications and avoid surgical procedures, the work of Dr. Yunelis has benefited her patients by avoiding highly invasive treatments and with a faster recovery and without risk of sequelae.

In recognition of her great work, Dr. Yunelis Pérez received the Creativity and Innovation Award from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA) among other awards from the provincial government.

Dr. Yunelis Pérez, thanks God because thanks to divine intervention, the board of directors of the University of Medical Sciences has offered her the necessary scientific personnel to achieve the validation of her research and thus implement it in all the hospitals of the country. Her testimony speaks of the visible miracles of God, the power of Medical-Missionary work, and how many people, through this treatment, come closer to Christ, joining the ranks of the church through baptism. Her face lights up when she talks about the things that God has allowed her to achieve and the opportunity to expand the Medical-Missionary work.

Through this natural method, Dr. Yunelis not only offers physical but also spiritual healing, since prayer and faith always accompany her in her consultations. She recognizes the hand of God guiding her throughout this process and infinitely thanks the Heavenly Doctor for choosing her to be a channel of blessing. 


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