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A New Destination

One Sabbath morning, Senthil, a JFA Bible Worker, noticed a Hindu man, Narayan, walking toward the local Hindu temple to worship. But as Narayan passed the church, he stopped to pray. Curious, Senthil walked over to ask Narayan what was going on.

Narayan explained that he had been dealing with a land dispute for many years. Upon hearing this, Senthil invited him to come to church and pray to Jesus with him. Narayan changed his plans and agreed to attend the worship service. 

At the end of the service, Narayan went home but never visited the temple. Senthil and others have continued to pray for Narayan’s problem. Narayan has said Jesus has more power than other gods, but he still has much to learn.

Please pray for God to give Senthil wisdom as he shares the love of Jesus with Narayan.

If God is leading you to invest in the ministries of Bible Workers in India, like Senthil, please click the Button below.

-Contributed by Jesus for Asia


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