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22 Churches in India Are Closed!

What Should We Do About It?

In 2006/2007, around 60 foreign missionaries traveled to a certain city in India to share the Gospel. This city is home to one of India’s largest Hindu temples. Tens of thousands make pilgrimages to this temple every month in hopes of removing their sins, fulfilling desires, and achieving freedom from reincarnation. Once a year, a million or more people visit the temple for a major Hindu festival. Toward the end of the missionaries' time, extreme Hindus discovered what these foreigners were doing and tried to come after them. The missionaries had to leave the area with police protection. But their efforts were not in vain. They sponsored the building of 22 churches in and around the city. Over the years, the churches had to close due to a lack of workers and funding. The members were too young in their spiritual walks to maintain and grow the churches by themselves. Just this week, the newly appointed local section president (a section is like a conference) told our India Director, Israel Prasad, about these churches and asked if Jesus for Asia could help reopen them. The president said he wants at least one of these churches to be reopened, but he would be delighted to have all of them reopened. He and the other church leaders are willing to do everything possible to make it happen. We would love to see these churches reopen and Christ’s light brought to this place once more. We will need to hire Bible Workers to shepherd the churches and rebuild the congregations as well as repair the churches so they are usable.

Church repairs will include:

  • Painting.

  • Wiring the buildings for electricity.

  • Repairing any structural damage.

  • Fixing any damaged roofs or floors.

  • Outfitting the church with chairs and other items needed to conduct church services.

Some churches are in better condition than others, so repairs will vary by location. We estimate repairs will cost an average of $1,000 for each church. To help revive these churches, we would like to invite people like you to go to this area and conduct revival meetings. We will be working on the details, so if you are interested, please contact us or watch for more information. Please pray for these churches to be reopened and revitalized. Please pray that God will touch the hearts of the local people to be willing to hear the Gospel, even if they are currently devout Hindus. Please pray for the Bible Worker selection and the church repairs. Please pray for people who are willing to go to India to share Jesus in these villages. If God is leading you to support this project, you can do so in two ways. Please click either of the buttons below to give. 1. By supporting Bible Workers to go into these areas.

2. By donating to our Church Buildings fund to help with church repairs.

- Contributed by Jesus for Asia, Inc.


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