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Zambia Project

Zambia Project

Join Maranatha in Zambia and help us to build an Education and Evangelism Center (EEC) next to the Mwami Adventist Hospital, 18 miles from Chipata, Eastern Zambia. The EEC is our largest structure, and Maranatha has built more than 100 of these school buildings around the world.

The Mwami Mission Station was established in 1925 in a piece of land of over 3,000 acres. The Mission Station and later the Hospital (1927) were named after the Mwami stream, which flows through the mission farm.

Volunteers will lay blocks in a building structure that features a long open space in the middle with classrooms, restrooms, and offices flanking either side. The center space can be used as a gymnasium and an auditorium. The multiple classroom building will provide opportunities for hundreds of students annually and help the vibrant and growing community around the hospital and school of nursing.

Jun 27, 2024

Jul 9, 2024



Chipata, Zambia

Maranatha International


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