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Thailand Mission trip

Thailand Mission trip

JESUS WANTS TO USE YOU!  There are many exciting service opportunities for you on our Thailand Mission Trip October 15-29, 2023!  To learn more visit Extended application deadline is July 31, 2023.

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Mission Trip Itinerary

Sunday, October 15: Fly to Bangkok, Thailand (BKK), arriving by Tuesday, October 17 (flights crossing the International Date Line lose a day)

Tuesday, October 17: Mission team arrival and travel to Prachuap Khin Khan (3 hour drive) for orientation. Introduce cross-cultural mission training; planning, praying, and adjusting to the time change. See temples in the Phetchuburi Province along the way and begin to learn about Thailand's rich cultural and religious history.

Wednesday, October 18: Go to Phraya Nakhon Cave and receive additional cross-cultural mission training. Reflection time at the beach. (Start of Wed.-Sat. mini-evangelistic meetings in Bangkok by the local churches and pastors. Thematic focus: "Restoring the Family.")

Thursday, October 19: Travel to Bangkok in the morning. Settle in at Bangkok hotel. Ministry teams praying and planning.

Friday, October 20: Medical mission to serve Pakistani refugees.

Saturday, October 21: Medical mission to serve refugees and the community around Thailand Adventist Mission.

Sunday, October 22: Medical mission to serve Karen refugees and the Thai poor.

Monday, October 23: Medical mission to serve the Thai poor.

Tuesday, October 24: Fly to Mae Sot.

Tuesday, October 24 - Friday, October 27: Arrive at Sunshine Orchard Learning Center. Set up and prepare for the program. Conduct medical mission work, chilrdren's program, and mini-evangelistic meetings at Sunshine Orchard Learning Center.

Friday, October 27 - Saturday, October 28: Visit local ASAP project sites and refugee camps (if possible).

Sunday, October 29: Return home. (Note: Flights crossing the International Date Line gain a day.)

Note: This itinerary is subject to change.

Ministry & Service Opportunities

  • Medical

  • Dental (opportunities for both professionals and laypeople)*

  • Vision (opportunities for both professionals and laypeople)*

  • Chair/table massage

  • Mental health/crisis counseling

  • Children's ministry (Vacation Bible School)

  • Speaking/teaching

  • Music ministry

  • Ministry mentorship

*Dental and vision ministry opportunities for laypeople will be led by staff from the Oon Jai Foundation.

Cost Breakdown

The $1,400 USD Mission Trip (October 15-29) fee includes the following:

  • Lodging

  • All ground transportation within Thailand

  • Domestic airfare (Bangkok to Mae Sot roundtrip)

  • Three vegetarian meals per day

  • Bottled water

  • Interpreter fees

  • Fees for any tourist sites visited

  • Travel insurance through Trawick International (estimated $150; exact price varies based on age and policy)

  • Supplies and other expenses directly related to the mission trip (e.g., medical supplies, materials for Vacation Bible School, etc.)

  • Ministry project support

  • Nonrefundable $75 administrative fee

Additional Expenses (Responsibility of the Mission Trip Participant)

  • Each participant is responsible for purchasing their own international airfare (prices range widely from $900 - $1,800 per roundtrip flight)

  • Background check (approximately $40, unless your church or school is willing to provide the results of a recent background check)

  • All Covid-19 testing required by the Thai government and your country of origin (if any)

  • Additional spending money for mementos, gifts, emergencies and incidental expenses

Oct 15, 2023

Oct 29, 2023




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