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ShareHim for Pastors & Young Adults: Dominican Republic

ShareHim for Pastors & Young Adults: Dominican Republic

Pastors, inspire the next generation.

Bring your young adults on a ShareHim trip.

The Goal

Develop in your young adults (age 18-35) a passion for sharing the gospel and a mentoring relationship with you, their pastor, leading to greater involvement in ministry and leadership back at home.

How It Works

A ShareHim trip is more like a visit with church family than a mission trip, as local church members graciously invite us to join them in their ongoing evangelistic ministry.

Each participant—including you—is assigned to a local church and preaches an 11-part evangelistic series in English or Spanish using customizable ShareHim sermons, no preaching experience required.

Sample Sermon Notes

Sample Sermon Notes PDF

On The Trip

Each trip will have 13 to 15 participants, with 3 or 4 pastors from different conferences each bringing a few young adults. Note that all young adults must come with their pastor.

Your group and the others on the trip will stay at the same hotel and meet each day to pray, share reports, and practice your sermons under the leadership of a trusted ShareHim trip manager.

At the end of the trip, you’ll spend a day or two in recreation, sightseeing, and recommitment to sharing the gospel back at home.


Wed — Fly to host country

Thu — Orientation

Fri — Start of evangelistic meetings

Sat–Fri — Evangelistic meetings continue each night; Midweek local excursion

Sat — Close of evangelistic meetings and goodbyes

Sun & Mon — Sightseeing, rededication, and return home

Who Can Participate

This program is open to NAD pastors who are currently assigned to a church by their conference and have not accepted a call to a new district.

You can have 3, 4, or 5 people in your group (including you).

You must bring 2 young adults (age 18-35) not related to you or your spouse.

You can also bring up to 2 more people from this list: 1) Your spouse; 2) Other young adults, related to you or not; 3) The spouse (any age) of a participating young adult; 4) Children age 14-17 of yours or someone else’s in your group.

Please note that you cannot bring children under age 14 or anyone you don’t sign up.

Requirements for All Young Adults

Age 18-35 when the trip begins

Live in your district

If regularly attending a church, it must be YOUR church

First time preaching on a ShareHim trip

Baptized, or on a path toward baptism with no specific objection to it


You participate for free, at no cost to yourself or your church.

For each person you bring, the cost is $499 (C$699) from the participant plus $499 (C$699) from your church. You’ll pay when you sign up your group.

*Note that if you bring your spouse and three young adults not related to you or your spouse, then your spouse also participates for free.

What’s Included

1) Flights from a major airport in your region; 2) Prepaid carry-on bag & small personal item; 3) Hotels, meals, & transport in destination country; 4) Excursions; 5) Insurance; 6) Sermons; 7) Onsite leadership by a trusted ShareHim trip manager

What’s NOT Included

1) Travel to & from departure airport; 2) Checked luggage; 3) Laptop computer (PC or Mac) & presentation remote (“clicker”) for each speaker; 4) Passport; 5) Visa (not required for US or Canadian citizens); 6) Medications & vaccinations

Oct 4, 2023

Oct 16, 2023



San Pedro De Macoris, Dominican Republic







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