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11/2/22 - 11/15/22


Kasama, Zambia



On Sabbath, January 8, 2022 the Bethsaida Adventist Church in Zambia was destroyed during a fierce storm. Five people were killed and many more were injured. As the congregation grieved, they also looked for a way to rebuild and heal their community. Maranatha agreed to build a large church for Bethsaida with enough room for 500 people. The structure will be made of steel and cinder block, strong enough to withstand future storms. Maranatha will also build six Sabbath School classrooms for the 180 children who attend each week.

Construction: Volunteers will lay block walls for one of the Sabbath School classrooms.

Outreach: Oftentimes the local churches and schools enjoy when visitors put on programs for the children or health education initiatives. If we have enough volunteers and people with an interest in these areas, we can add this to the job scope.

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Our group will stay at Alitasha Lodge, near Kasama. Volunteers will gather for meals and worship in one of the conference halls at the hotel.

Individuals should plan on staying in double occupancy rooms with a roommate. If you would like to room with someone in particular, please let us know prior to the final deadline of the project. Volunteers wishing to stay in a private room can upgrade to a single room for $275 per person. Please contact Maranatha to make these arrangements prior to the final deadline.


Maranatha projects often include an excursion to see some of the country you’re working in. If you choose to go on an excursion without Maranatha, please schedule them for before or after the project dates so you won’t miss out on any of the Maranatha experience.

Included Excursion - Lower Zambezi National Park

Lower Zambezi National Park is located a few hours east of Lusaka, on the banks of the Zambezi river. Visitors can often see elephant, buffalo, crocodile, hippopotamus, and many antelope species. Lucky visitors can also spot lions and leopards.

Part of your participation fee covers accommodations, all meals, ground transportation, insurance, entrance fees, and tour guides for this excursion.

Project Schedule

Wednesday, November 2

Arrival in Lusaka, Zambia. Start driving to Kasama and overnight part way.

Thursday, November 3

Arrival in Kasama

Friday, November 4

First work day

Saturday, November 5

Worship with a local congregation

Sunday, Nov. 6 - Friday, Nov. 11

Work days

Saturday, November 12

Worship with the local congregation. Afternoon departure to start drive back to Lusaka.

Sunday, November 13

Travel to Lower Zambezi National Park

Monday, November 14

Lower Zambezi National Park

Tuesday, November 15

Travel to Lusaka, evening departures


Please carefully follow these guidelines when booking your travel. If you arrive or depart outside these posted windows, you may have long wait times at the airport or be responsible for paying the additional transportation costs for your individual airport transfer. If you have questions about your itinerary, please contact Maranatha prior to booking to avoid any additional charges.

Arrive: Lusaka, Zambia (LUN), Wednesday, November 2, between 8:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

Depart: Lusaka, Zambia (LUN), Tuesday, November 15, after after 1:00 p.m.*

*Some airlines might not fit within this window. You are welcome to book on Wednesday, November 16, but will be responsible for booking your hotel and making other arrangements. Contact Maranatha for recommendations on a hotel in Lusaka.

Arriving Early or Staying Late?

Some of you may choose to extend your travel before or after the project. Since our volunteers bring so much to the shared experience of the project, we ask that you participate in the entirety of the Maranatha project (during the advertised dates). Any additional travel outside of the Maranatha project should be scheduled for before or after the project dates to avoid mid-project interruptions. If you choose to add additional travel, you are responsible for making your own hotel and transportation arrangements for the time outside of the arrival and departure windows listed above. If you have any questions, feel free to call Maranatha at (916) 774-7700.

Travel Resources

Entry Requirements

Below are the requirements for U.S. and Canadian citizens. If you hold a passport from another country, please consult the Zambian embassy or consulate in your home country for entrance requirements.

Passport | All passports must be valid for at least six months from the dates of intended travel (May 15, 2023). If you do not have a passport, U.S. citizens can apply at any U.S. post office or online at Canadian citizens can apply online at It can take up to two months to complete the entire process, so plan accordingly to give yourself enough time to receive your passport.

Visa | Visitors must also purchase a tourist visa upon arrival in Zambia. Single entry visas are $50 per person. Yellow Fever | Currently, proof of yellow fever vaccine is not required to enter Zambia unless you’re coming

from a country with risk of yellow fever transmission.



Required by Maranatha


Recommended by CDC


Recommended by CDC

Hepatitis A

Recommended by CDC

Anti-Malarial Medication

Recommended by CDC


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, international travel has become a little more complicated and requirements can change with little notice. Maranatha will do its best to notify volunteers of requirements updates, but each volunteer is ultimately responsible for knowing and following the COVID-19 requirements at the time of their travel. Volunteers should do their own research and check with their airline(s) prior to travel. As of September 2022, U.S. and Canadian travelers to Zambia must complete the following requirements:

  • (Vaccinated Travelers) - Travelers over the age of 12 must present their original vaccination card showing a full sequence of a COVID-19 vaccine. Travelers must have had your final vaccine at least two weeks prior to travel.

  • (Unvaccinated Travelers) - Travelers over the age of 12 must present negative PCR COVID-19 test results dated within 72 hours of your flight to Zambia. This MUST be a PCR test; rapid antigen test results are not accepted. Symptom and temperature screening upon arrival.

Cultural Sensitivity

It’s important to enter another culture with respect and understanding of their traditions. Women in Zambia are usually expected to dress and act more modestly than what is sometimes seen in North America.

Cultural sensitivity also means we will respect Adventist culture in Zambia. Adventists in Zambia tend to be more conservative than Adventists in the United States and Canada. During the project, we will be sensitive to this

by dressing as modestly as possible. Pants and cap sleeves are preferred to shorts and tank tops. For church activities, women will need to have skirts that reach past the knees, and men are expected to wear ties if they are involved in the activities on the platform. Another option is to purchase and wear local attire like the church members wear on Sabbaths. The locals will greatly appreciate the gesture.

Maranatha Lifestyle

Each mission trip is a unique experience, and during the project, there is a great need for flexibility. Volunteers on Maranatha projects come from a variety of backgrounds and lifestyles. As we all become one big family for two weeks, we will need to refrain from some of our personal desires and freedoms and adopt the lifestyle of the group.

On all of our projects we ask that volunteers refrain from using alcohol, tobacco, marijuana or other non- prescription drugs during the trip.

Maranatha projects are open to individuals of all faith backgrounds, and we ask that all volunteers come into the project with an attitude of respect towards one another. On Maranatha projects, worship services are held on Sabbath (Saturday), and we ask all volunteers to participate in the experience with the group. While we do our best to make provisions to avoid extensive travel or utilizing restaurants on Sabbath, sometimes it is hard to avoid. Please be aware of this and if you have any questions, please speak with your project coordinator.

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