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Spain: Adventists Get First Radio License

The Seventh-day Adventist

Church has become the first non-Roman Catholic religious organization to obtain a license for a radio station in Spain. A local government agency in Catalonia awarded the FM radio license to the Cultural Association of Adventist Radio in Spain on Sept. 3.

“It has been a closed door for many years and, for the first time we have managed to get in, said association president Pedro Torres.

The agency reviewed 224 applications and handed out a total 22 licenses in a competitive bidding process.

“We suffered discrimination in all of our public bids for many years,” Torres said.

“This is a success, and we expect it to be the first of many more with God’s help."

At least 15 news organizations have written about the Adventist milestone, calling it a sign of religious freedom and media plurality in Spain, the Inter-European Division said in a statement.

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