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Listener Shares Radio Nuevo Tiempo on Public Transport in Lima

*This article has been auto-translated.

Marleny and Brayan work in a public transport vehicle, where they place the Radio Nuevo Tiempo signal. (Photo: Ruth Chalco)

Marleny Mijahuanga is a young mother of two girls and a faithful listener of Radio Nuevo Tiempo in Lima, through 103.3 FM. At 5 in the morning, she is ready to work. Get on the public transport vehicle, where he works charging tickets, and start encouraging passengers to get in the car: Lima!, Lima! Go up, sir.

They call it "the chosicanos" and they are public transport vehicles characterized by the high volume of their music that plays during the journey from the Chosica district to the center of Lima (2 to 3 hours of travel), very common in the capital of Peru.

A long day awaits her, but she is in a good mood. "It's hard work and also tiring, but you get through the day listening to Radio Nuevo Tiempo," he says. Despite having a past that she didn't want to remember, having two daughters by her side motivates her to continue.

At the age of 11 she left her house for fear of being sexually abused by one of her uncles. She arrived in Lima when she was 17 years old and there she met a man who seemed to give her the security and happiness she was looking for. However, with the passage of time, she became pregnant and everything changed.

His strength didn't give more. The physical and emotional violence she lived removed the brightness of her eyes to such an extent that she decided to turn off her life and that of her daughters. But he couldn't, because the one who is the owner of his life had a better plan.

The meeting with the radio

He went out to look for work and met Brayan, a driver of "a chosicano", and he offered him the position to collect the tickets on the condition that they would not work on Saturday. At first she didn't question and simply accepted the deal. As the days went by, Brayan recommended listening to Radio Nuevo Tiempo on her cell phone and she downloaded the application. "While I was enlisting, I listened to the radio and that began to give me peace of mind, to feel safer and my attitude towards life began to change," Marleny says.

When leaving for work, he placed the Radio Nuevo Tiempo signal in the public transport vehicle so that passengers can benefit from the station's programming that brings peace and hope. However, people asked to change the radio. "What does that music teach you? Nothing! It doesn't teach you anything. On the other hand, this radio strengthens you," Marleny responded in protest.

Throughout her route, she tunes in to 103.3 FM, the last frequency acquired by Nuevo Tiempo Peru thanks to the contribution of the Adventist Church worldwide, in South America and Peru, through the Nuevo Tiempo 2022 Annual Offering.

To strengthen her biblical knowledge and strengthen her faith in God, Brayan helped her study the Bible and, finally, Marleny was baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church, the day of the celebration for the acquisition of 103.3 FM.

Today the listener is deeply grateful for having access to the radio that is changing her life and encourages listeners to participate, this July 22, in the New Time 2023 Annual Offering, whose collection will serve for the maintenance and sustainability of radio and television equipment and antennas in Peru. You can join this crusade through the BCP dollar collection account: 193-1552758-1-32.

- Originally published by the South American Division

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