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Light and Education in a War-Torn Country

The Emerald Hill Mission School, Myanmar

Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) has been in a civil war for more than 75 years. Many of its people have experienced unimaginable hardships due to conflicts between the Burmese army and the country’s ethnic minorities.

Although Christianity has existed in Myanmar since the early 1800s, around 83% of its citizens have had no opportunity to hear the Gospel (Joshua Project). Despite many challenges, God is working to share His love with the precious people of this war-torn country.

A few years ago, God inspired a small group of people to start the Emerald Hill Mission School in an area close to the border of Thailand that has been free of conflict for the past few years.

The Emerald Hill Mission School has more than 75 students this year, although they have had up to 100 in years past. They have 12 teachers, including the director and principal.

The school offers classes to elementary, middle, and high school students. They provide traditional courses such as reading, writing, and math with a strong spiritual emphasis. They teach the value of the Scriptures in their morning and evening worships, where they read the Bible together. They also teach the health message and other lessons from the Spirit of Prophecy.

Harvey and Brenda Steck are currently working at the Love for Asia office in Chiang Mai (where Harvey is the Assistant Director), but they still have a burden for the hill tribes living on both sides of the border, where they used to serve.

The principal of the Emerald High School was once a teacher at the school where Harvey and Brenda previously served. The principal and her husband, the school’s director, have invited Harvey and Brenda to visit the school every so often to help out with activities such as weeks of prayer.

Harvey was excited to see God working in the students’ hearts and was encouraged to see several students request baptism at the end of one week of prayer he helped with. He requests prayer that these students will remain faithful to God throughout their lives.

Recently, the school has been facing some financial difficulties. Because we see value in this school, we would like to share their situation and ask you to join us in prayer for God to supply their needs.

Operating Expenses

One area in which the school needs assistance is its monthly operating expenses. These are around $3,000 - $5,000 (depending on the number of students). This budget covers food, school supplies, and an $85 stipend for each teacher.

Many students come from low-income families, so they are only required to pay a registration fee at the beginning of each school year. If a student’s family cannot afford the payment, the student can help pay for their education through the school’s work-study program. They also try to offer scholarships to students who need assistance. $35 a month will help support a student’s portion of the expenses.

Classroom Building

The original school buildings were made traditionally with bamboo and leaves, but with termites hastening the natural decay of the building materials, the facilities must be repaired or replaced every few years. The school has been working on building upgraded classrooms out of wood with tile roofs. They have built a cafeteria and are currently working on their school building.

The new cafeteria building

The teachers in front of the new classroom building. The roof and first floor of the building are complete, but the walls and second floor are not yet finished. Students are already studying in the new building.

They need around $10,000 to complete the new building and be debt-free.

God has promised to take care of His people and provide for their needs (see Matthew 6:33; Philippians 4:19). As we pray together for this project, we have confidence that God has a plan, and He will fulfill His promises.

If God is leading you to take part in His work by helping provide for these needs, please click the button below. Gifts to this fund will go toward the building fund and the school expenses. $35 a month will help support a student’s portion of the expenses.

- Contributed by Jesus for Asia


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