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Inter-American Division Inaugurates Headquarters in South Miami

New headquarters facilities for the Inter-American Division regional territory of the Seventh-day Adventist Church were inaugurated on January 14. Moving from their former location on Ponce de Leon Boulevard in Coral Gables, Florida, the new offices, located at 8100 SW 117th Avenue, Miami, Florida, are well-equipped and provide contemporary work space design.

Returning to Miami for the dedication ceremonies, Greg Scott, executive vice president for Adventist World Radio at the Seventh-day Adventist Church world headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland, says, “Living in Miami and working at the Inter-American Division was one of the highlights of my life. After years of planning, it was exciting to watch the new building being constructed from the ground up.”

Many administrators and their spouses were in Miami to participate in and celebrate the completion of the new offices. Jan Paulsen, president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church worldwide, treasurer Robert Rawson and vice presidents Lowell Cooper, Ted Wilson, Gerry Karst, Armando Miranda and Leo Ranzolin, all representing the world headquarters, were there along with Don Schneider, president of the North American Division and a large number of other celebrants. Pastor Paulsen cut the ribbon.

Staffers in the division office serve people across a large area. “The Inter-American Division claims its territory from the northern tip of South America-Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana-all the way to Mexico on the mainland and the islands of the Caribbean,” reports Luis Gomez director of in the division’s communication department.

“With a mixture of 37 countries, the division is rich in culture and ethnicity as a spin-off from the influence of the Spanish, French, British, African and other groups of people who occupied these lands during the days of discovery and colonization. The major languages spoken are English, Spanish, French and Dutch, in addition to a variety of dialects.”

The new facilities are equipped to reach their territories of responsibility and beyond. “It is a beautiful building wired with the latest telecommunications technology,” says Scott.

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