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God Uses Bible Worker to Save Five Lives

In the West, elephants are revered as majestic, peaceful plant eaters. In Asia’s jungles, however, elephants often inspire fear among the locals. 

They are known for eating the crops of poor farmers, smashing rice paddies, gardens, and sometimes houses in the process. Males, especially, can be aggressive when in contact with humans. Since 2019, more than 1,500 people in India have been killed by elephants. 

When an elephant attacked Reena’s home, she was devastated. Her husband was injured and admitted to the hospital. While she did not share the extent of his injuries, we can estimate they were severe. 

Reena did not know what to do. How would she care for her four young children, support her family, and pay for her husband’s hospital expenses? She was sure it was going to be impossible. 

So she prepared for the unthinkable. If she could not care for her family and give them a good quality of life, why live at all? Why should she subject her children to a life of poverty, possibly even starvation?

She went to the store and bought pesticides, with a plan to end her own life and those of her children. 

Before she had time to carry out her plan, she met Anna, a JFA Bible Worker, and shared her struggles. 

“There is a God who loves humans,” Anna shared. She encouraged Reena to have faith in Jesus and told her He knows and cares about her problems. She visited Reena’s home and prayed for her family. This gave Reena hope, and she decided not to go through with her plan. 

God provided an organization to help care for the family’s needs and pay for the father’s medical expenses. 

Now, Reena believes in God and is a living testimony for the people around her. 

God used a JFA Bible Worker to literally save the lives of Reena and her four children and lead Reena to Jesus. What a beautiful example of God’s love and care for His children. When Reena was at her darkest point, God sent help right on time.

Please pray for Reena and her family members. May her whole family, and even her whole village, come to know Jesus through her testimony. 

God is using JFA Bible Workers all over Asia to share God’s love with those who desperately need it. This month, we request your special prayers for God to provide funding for our Bible Workers so they can continue this life-changing, life-saving work. 

If God is leading you to financially invest in the Bible Workers’ ministries, please click the button below.

-Contributed by Jesus for Asia


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