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Dual Baptism Unites Generations in Inverness, Scotland

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

At ages 16 and 81, Caleb and Albert share their commitment.

A heart-warming intergenerational ceremony took place on 8 July in Scotland. Albert, a wise 81-year-old man, and Caleb, a 16-year-old teenager, came together to publicly demonstrate their faith in Jesus Christ through baptism.

As family, friends, and fellow worshippers from Inverness gathered together to witness the occasion, Albert Read and Caleb Sullivan were immersed into the waters, signifying their wholehearted commitment to the Christian faith, and began a new chapter on their spiritual journey. Their dual baptism became a joy-filled celebration of faith and unity, a testament to the fact that no matter our age or background, there is unity in Christ.

Caleb Sullivan baptised by Pastor Wilfred Masih at the neigbouring Aberdeen church, (103 miles west of Inverness!).

For Albert, the long road to publicly declaring his commitment to Christ had involved decades of searching. At 81 years of age, his unwavering faith proved that age is no barrier to spiritual growth and that the pursuit of a deeper connection with God never ends.

Caleb, at just 16 years old, stood as a beacon of hope for today’s youth. His decision to follow Christ and get baptised demonstrated remarkable maturity with his openness to align himself to Christ in today’s.

The baptismal service was inspiring, full of joy, and brought the church family together. Members and friends alike offered support and encouragement, affirming the belief that a shared faith can create a strong bond among people from all walks of life.

Pastor Wilfred Masih, from the Inverness group, led the service and praised Albert’s and Caleb’s commitment to spiritual growth and their bravery in publicly declaring their faith. “The baptism of Albert and Caleb is a poignant reminder that the Christian faith is all-encompassing, embracing individuals of all ages and backgrounds,” said Masih. “It exemplifies that the journey of faith is not confined to a specific stage of life but rather a lifelong odyssey of exploration, discovery, and renewal.”

Albert and Caleb will worship with the growing Inverness group, the most northly community of Adventists in the Scottish Mission and the British Union Conference. “Special thanks to pastor Weiers Coetser and the Aberdeen Church for kindly hosting the baptismal service,” Masih concluded.

Masih’s message of thanks should not go unoticed. Aberdeen church is the neigbouring Adventist church to Inverness, 103 miles west of Inverness. It is blessed with a baptistry. Evidence enough if required of what it takes to remain faithful to the Lord in this part of the world.

The original version of this story was posted on the Trans-European Division website.


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