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Canvasser Sells More than 15,000 Books and Leads More than 75 People to Baptism

Thirteen years ago Flor de Liz quit her job as a recycler in order to become an instrument of God's, by preaching the gospel through the Seven-day Adventist Church Literature Ministries. Flor de Liz shares how, in spite of the challenges, perseverance in canvassing gave her the chance to witness real miracles.

After having made a commitment to the Literature Ministries she has led more than 75 people to baptism, thus planting the gospel seed in thousands of homes. In addition, due to her dedication, she succeeded to sell more than 15 000 books during her thirteen-year ministry period. This testimony highlights how canvassing did not only change her life, but also how it helped her finance her children's higher education. Two of them have already graduated, while another one is still studying Human Medicine at the Universidad Peruana Unión.

Flor de Liz, through her experiences, inspires others to persevere, by reminding them that although the journey may seem slow, victory awaits around the corner. Canvassing represents a missionary work that involves spreading the gospel through books and magazines from door to door, from person to person. Those who consecrate themselves to God as canvassers help spread the last message of salvation to the world.


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