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Donations of New Clothing to Children at Chillán Hospital

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

The donations included clothing, shoes and financial aid for the patients of the Pediatric Unit.

The Chillán Adventist Nursery School (PACH) donated 160 items of clothing, including shoes, to the pediatric unit of the Herminda Martín de Chillán Hospital in Chile. The donation was classified by size and gender to facilitate its distribution.

This contribution became a reality thanks to a clothing collection campaign organized by the kindergarten and first levels of the educational system, which cares for children from birth to their entry into basic education. This was in partnership with the Parent Center to help a family from the educational community that was affected by the flood in June in the Puente Ñuble sector. Not only were clothing items collected, but so were monetary contributions. In addition, the help was so abundant that other families also benefited, apart from what was donated to the hospital.

Publication on Instagram of the Herminda Martín Hospital. (Photo: Disclosure)

Ruth Caro, director of PACH, describes this initiative as broadly positive. "These are activities that unite the parents, and it is seen that as a kindergarten, we not only care about academics but also about the community in general," she says. "We believe that a lot of help is required in the hospital, and this is one of the ways we have to carry out our mission."

Contact with the hospital was achieved thanks to the link that had been established previously. It turns out that the educational institution has been carrying out the "More Love at Christmas " project every year in the pediatric unit. The health center expressed its gratitude and even made a post on its Instagram page, showing the contribution received.

This initiative of the Adventist Church in Chile has the purpose of bringing love to people through different gestures, such as donations, service actions, and musical numbers, among others, always accompanied by the message of salvation in Christ.

The original version of this story was posted on the South American Division Spanish-language news site.


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